About PlayBoyMan

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I wear Many, many hats.

I am a Indie game developer, and I make RPG games. My current Project is “The Adventures of Sam and Hunni”, a funny and humorous RPG. It’s a work in progress, and you can find and download a demo of the game here.

In addition to making video games, I also play them. I’m a streamer on Hitbox.tv, as GodOfKonckers (It’s supposed to be kNOckers not kONckers – it’s a typo) and my stream is called the Midnight Ride. I stream Tuesday – Sunday 12AM-2AM, Eastern Time (GMT -0500). I also stream on Twitch under the same username, but not much. It’s a backup link in case I can’t stream to hitbox.

Click here for my Hitbox.tv Channel

Click here for my Twitch.tv Channel

I’m also a blogger of sorts: Image blog (NSFW), personal (this blog you are reading right now) and one for my podcasts (there are a few more, but they are just placeholders right now).

I’m also the host of a podcast called “The Voice of PlayBoyMan”, weekly (sort of) podcast that gets published on Mixcloud.com. Click here to listen to them.

There are a tons of other sites that I’m on, and thankfully they are all in once place. Click here to see the list of sites I’m on.

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