Dear Paladins…(A dear john letter)

Hello Paladins…um…we need to talk about a few things…

I think we should see other people. There. I said it. We had a good run, and for a long time it was great, but over the year, things changed. I’ve changed.

I…I met someone else. Someone more my speed and tastes. More in-tune with me and my needs.

Her name is Overwatch. I didn’t plan on this happening, it just did. It happened in the end of May 2017. It was celebrating it’s one year anniversary and offered a free play weekend. I just wanted to try it out, just a little. I wasn’t expecting much…

…and then…I started to like it. I liked it a lot. One practice game became 5, then 5 games became 20 Quick play games. The Leveling up. The Loot boxes, and the gameplay…

…I fell in love with it. All of it. My love for Overwatch runs deeply, and it’s not fair to keep you hoping like this. I don’t want to keep you hanging around and wasting your time and life.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll always cherish what we had together. It’s not your fault, we just grew apart. You are a great game, but I’m not into you like that, you know?

I hope we can keep in touch, and can still be friends.
Good bye, Paladins.

Will always have Paris…

(This is a bullshit way of saying I’m giving up playing Paladins, and that I’m a whore for Overwatch now.)

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