Bill Maher did nothing wrong…relax.

I read an article on the Huffington Post, titled “People Want Bill Maher Fired After He Uses A Racial Slur As A Joke”.

In the article, People were upset that he said the N-word, and that he should be fired for doing so. I watched that episode and thought it was funny as hell, especially that joke. And yes I think it’s a joke, hence the laughter.

He DID NOT use the N-word towards another black man or any other person of color. He used it on himself, and he is a white man. But yet, people are calling for Bill Maher to be fired for USING the N-word. Using it.

I say to the people of the internet the following: You all need to calm down. WAY down. Take a major breath, count to 10, step off the soapbox and put the pitchfork down.

People are calling for him to be fired because he SAID the N-word. I don’t know about you, but I would call for his firing from HBO if he said the N-Word to A PERSON OF COLOR; But that didn’t happen. He was calling himself that. Think about it – people are calling for Maher to get fired because he, a WHITE MAN, used the N-Word on himself.

If you think that makes sense, I have a invisible bridge to sell you.

Society nowadays is becoming quick to anger and refusing to listen to reason until much later, after the yelling is all said and done. And even then, we don’t revisit it for fear that the yelling will just start up again. We’ve turned into an army of Political Correctness and complaining about anything and everything all because of it’s mere mention, or the way it’s presented to us. And that is disheartening. Does anyone remember the days of watching, reading, doing something, anything, and not worrying about outrage and boycotting?

We are so quick to slap a label on something, anything we don’t like, and slam people until we lose our voice, all for one thing that is out of place in a single person’s quaint worldview on the world according to them, and we don’t stop until “justice is done”. I say that in quotes because those who salivate over Social Justice think that seeing something they don’t understand, or just don’t like being pushed into oblivion after complaining and all-caps raging towards it until it’s pushed into oblivion is somehow “justice”.

Justice is about punishing criminals to break the law. About righting wrong. Using a word that you don’t like while ignoring the context or the knowledge behind it is not a crime against anyone – That’s called ‘Ignorance’. If you don’t like Bill Maher, fine – on your head be it. I have no problem with that. But you should have a valid reason to call for his head on a platter. What he did was harsh, but not the call for him to be fired.

I’ll say it again because it bears repeating: You are calling for Bill Maher, a WHITE MAN to be fired for USING THE N-Word on himself. You see it as “He’s a racist” but that’s not the case. He said the word, but that doesn’t make him racist. The context and reasoning was stripped down, and this is the result.

He’s not a racist and it was a joke. There is no need to be upset. Learn not to take everything you see and hear seriously. And HBO agreed as well – Bill Maher will be on as usual on Friday.

I say all of this not to shame or to upset anyone, I say it because there is no rhyme or reason for this outcry against Maher. It really was a joke. I found it funny, and I laughed my butt off.

All I’m saying is let cooler heads prevail. Don’t be so quick to boycott and be angry. Take a moment. Take a breath. There is no need to be “Always on”.

Seriously, calm down.
Thanks for reading.

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