What did we just do, America?

NOTE: This post comes from the heart. Everything I say comes not from anger, but from quiet reflection.

So…. here we are.

On election day, we choose to elect a man who doesn’t believe in a women’s right to an abortion, has little respect for women, has a questionable business acumen, and has insulted just about every ethnic group in America.

This is a man, who is more than likely going to put all the progress we have made and needed to make in the last 8 years into the garbage. His VP is a cumstain dripping down the wall of an abandoned building, Mike Pense. He too is anti-abortion, and probably just as bad as our President-Elect.

The both of them hate the Affordable Care Act, or as everyone calls it “Obamacare” (Sidenote: it was actually the US congress in bi-partisan support that came up with the ACA, so if anything, we should call it CongressCare), and just about every GOTP member wants is 100% gone, only to replace it with something that won’t work, or more than likely, return it to the old system that benefited no one.

The LGBTQ community are also in trouble here. One of the people who could make up the President-Elect’s new cabnet members is an asshole who thinks that homosexuality is “a choice”. His cabinet members that he’s been eyeing are lobbyests, and they KNOW how to manipulate politicians and government more than anyone.

This was the most important election in history, we had the chance to show that we have FINALLY evolved from the things and ways of government that never worked, and were finally moving on to a better way…

And in the course of a handful of hours – we fucked it up.

I don’t want to hear “we should give him a chance” – we already know what we are getting, and republicans are already gearing up to make it all happen. We are about to find out why the GOP should never have had such a big win like this.

We are going to have to wait longer to finally get around the curve that we were just starting to get the hang of.

And you, the people who voted this fuckstain of a man into power will realize just how big of a mistake you made come Jan. 2017. And you’ll realize that it was a bad idea that we are all going to have to live with for the next 4 years, and the new mess we are putting into the hands of the 46th president.

I’m not going to say “God Bless America” – because this is our mess, and the big guy or whatever deity you worship can’t get us out of this one.

And when he fuckes up, and he will fuck up, you going to have to live with the shame of the crap storm you elected into office. I can only imagine how you are going to get to sleep at night.

I have a question for you: we know that a ton of rights and regulations, laws and policies that we need are about to go out the window…What are we going to replace them with? Will they be replaced at all?

With that said, enjoy that mountain of shit that’s coming in January. You’ll pick up on the smell soon…I hope.

One thought on “What did we just do, America?

  1. Vincent Trudell says:

    They aren’t going to be back anytime soon…40-hour work week….more like 60-70(at least)…child labor laws GONE…can go on and on…

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