The Guy who Kicked the SJW Hornet’s Net, then made himself a cup of tea.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I read an BuzzFeed article about adult performer Stoya, who had tweeted that her ex-boyfriend and fellow adult performer James Deen had raped her while they were a couple. Before I continue, I want to say a few things about this:

  1. IF Deen DID what he’s being accused of, he should answer for it.
  2. If he DIDN’T do what he’s being accused of, he should have the right to defend himself, i.e. Due Process.
  3. The focus of this blog is NOT on the allegations Stoya has made about Deen, but is instead about how SJWs REACTED to the comments I made about the article.

I was amazed in the comments section how people has just automatically assumed that Deen was guilty as sin. One or two tweets in the negative and the accusatory tones, and that makes a person they are directed at 100% guilty.

What. In. The. Fucking. Ass. Is. This…?

So I decided to throw in my two cents on the matter with the following post:


Shortly after that, they came.

Social Justice Warriors – armed to the teeth with seething comments, all with the intention of breaking my will, crushing my spirit, and spitting on me, like the scum they said I was.

Now I’m not going to post their replies to this comment, because I don’t want to give a single SJW the attention they are seeking when they do this shit, but most of them ran along the lines of how “”Disgusting” I am, and how I’m supporting a rapist, or something along those lines.

After a few moments, I posted again:


And the really is a scary thing. You don’t have to believe in Government and the Criminal Justice System, Due Process, or anything for that matter. Believe in whatever you want – live and let live I say to that, but, when you are on the internet, there IS a simple rule you DO have to follow, and it also applies to everything that’s not on the internet – Take everything you read/see/hear with a grain of salt.

That means that no matter what it is you are looking at, if the source is shaky or can be validated with proper research and sources, you’ve got to be a tad skeptical. Otherwise it just makes you look like a gullible idiot who will jump head first into the empty pool of conclusions without fear or concern.

So after a few more comments we made about me, I posted one final comment:


And yes, I was completely speechless at this point, not because I couldn’t come up with things to say, but that I was done saying what I needed to say. I got it all out and made some pretty strong points.

On the upside, it wasn’t all bad comments and sour notes: I did get a reply from one person in my favor:


Thanks Alejandro. Just a heads up – I was the first one who gave you a like on that comment. Nailed it on the head, dude. I’m sure there are more comments as of now more against me than for, but I really don’t care. I don’t take things at face value, there are two sides to every story, and I do love to do my research before making any final thoughts or forming my own opinions, you know, all the things Social Justice Warriors dislike.

As I stated before: I didn’t want to draw any attention to the SJWs, but, I do like to quote sources, so if you want to see the comments they posted to me, and in general about the article you can do that with the link below:

And remember – I’m anti-bullshit and Anti-asshole.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I really do have a lovely cup of tea here that’s starting to get cold. I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day, and I hope you all stayed your asses home on Black Friday, or as I call it “The running of the evil cheap bastards”.


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