ATTN Boobie Bloggers and Fans: An update on @TAYSTEVENS account suspension…

Yesterday (9/9/2015), I was going through the people I follow on twitter, cleaning up the accounts that are no longer in service or have been inactive (I removed 60, btw – yikes), when I noticed that there was one account that was missing: Taylor Stevens (@TAYSTEVENS).

We follow each other on twitter, and when I have the time, I try to promote her account as best I can – I’ve slacked off on this a great deal, along with the Title is Pending Blog and twitter, where said promotions are to take place. So I went over to the twitter account link: only to find this:


Ah yes. I’ve been there. I’ve seen this warning quite a number of times in my digital life on Twitter. At first, I thought it was Twitter Jail – maybe she posted something that “Triggered” some asshat, or maybe it was some prude with a chip on his/her shoulder – either way, and I speak from personal experience on this, Twitter Jail is the fucking bullshit balls. No matter what the reason, being banned from Twitter can be a major hindrance. Personal/Business/Branding usage all come to a grinding halt, using accounts that are created by Twitter connect is a nightmare (No password to use or reset).

Getting back to the business at hand…The account suspension. The reason Taylor’s twitter account was suspended, was due to hackers. Some punk tried to hack their way into the account, and it appears that Taylor managed to stop it in time, so until it’s all sorted out, her account has been suspended.

I DID manage to get in touch with her from another account. For security, in case this happens again, I’ve redacted the username and twitter avatar (Read from the bottom upwards):


So as you can see, She’ll return to the twitterverse soon, and is going to be at tonight’s Patriots vs. Steelers game tonight. She’ll also be tweeting from the @chiksnpiks Twitter account, which you can follow here.

If anyone asks about Taylor’s account, please point them to this blog post, and I’ll pass the word on to other boobie bloggers.

Thanks for reading.


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