Breast Reduction Surgery DOES NOT STOP Misogyny!

Not long ago, “Modern Family” actress Arial Winter underwent breast reduction surgery, going from a 32F Bra size to a 34D.

Several entertainment news sites cited that it was because of back pain, and she was getting tired of having to strap down her chest while she was filming for “Modern Family”, which is completely understandable – I’m not a woman, and just thinking having to do that, every day you had to shoot a scene, sounds terrible as fuck. I can get, and stand by Ariel’s choice to get a breast reduction in that aspect. The same goes for any other woman who chooses to get a breast reduction for that matter…

…what I CAN’T agree with, is the SECOND reason Winter went through with this.

The following statement is a quote from Ms. Winter, from an article from the Washington Times. The full article can be found here, and I’ll post a screenshot of the article on the website, because I have noticed that since this has happened, many articles have redacted the original versions, and I’m NOT OK with that:

Ms. Winter said the misogynistic attention she’s received since she was 15 made her feel uncomfortable in her own skin.

“The Internet bullies are awful. I could post a photo where I feel good, and 500 people will comment about how fat I am and that I am disgusting,” she told Glamour. “It made me feel really uncomfortable because as women in the industry, we are totally over sexualized and treated like objects.”

What the fuck?

THIS, is what bothers me with breast reduction surgery: It’s not the choice of reducing the breast size, it’s the fact that women are choosing to have this procedure because assholes make them feel uncomfortable about having large breasts. The definition of the word “misogyny” is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. It doesn’t matter how big or small your boobs are, and getting breast reduction surgery won’t change a thing – misogynists hate women, and getting this surgery won’t change that fact.

What ever happened to telling people to fuck off? What happened to people saying “I don’t give a fuck what you think of my body, go fuck yourself!”?

What the hell happened to this:


Women are so worried about someone getting turned on the second they see them. That’s normal sexual behavior – People are going to look at you, and some of them will get turned on, and become sexually attracted. What women are calling “objectification and oversexualization” is actually NORMAL HUMAN NATURE – you see someone with a attractive body, you’ll take notice . Having people be attracted to your physique, or certain parts of it, is a normal reaction, and is NOT a valid reason to get a breast reduction. There are women who like and prefer a large penis, does that mean that a guy should get a penis reduction because women are looking at his wangus all the time? If it makes zero sense in one way, it won’t make any sense in the other way.

Is the procedure going to stop anyone from looking at them in a sexual way? No. And it’s sure as fuck not going to stop misogynists from doing their thing. Misogynists HATE WOMEN. Your bra size won’t change that at all.

To all the women who are thinking of having their breasts reduced, here are some very valid questions that all women should ask themselves:

  • How does getting breast reduction surgery STOP or STIFLE misogynistic attention?
  • Why should you, a woman, have to change anything about yourself so people can respect you?
  • Are you doing this because you are in pain, or to shut people up?

As I have said before, and this is my official stance on this: ANY medical procedure that can help improve the mental, emotional and physical state of a person is ok, and that does include breast reduction. But the second, THE VERY SECOND, you have a procedure just to shut someone else up, or to think that it will stop assholes from messing with you, or because you are tired of all the attention you are getting, then you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Because if it’s one thing that I know about assholes: You can change anything and everything about yourself – the only thing they will do, is find something else to pick at.

The ONLY way to stop an asshole, is to stand up to them, and tell them to go fuck themselves. Getting any cosmetic work of any kind will not change people’s perceptions of you, or give you the backbone to stand up against assholes. I could get a penis enlargement right now, and I know it won’t boost my confidence – I’ll still be me with a bigger dick.

Change because YOU WANT TO, not because you are being pressured into changing.

Below is the original article as printed Aug. 14, 2015, and authored by Jessica Chasmar for The Washington Times.

Thank you reading.



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