Fake, Vulgar Content of you online? DON’T CRY! REPORT!

**NOTE: before I even begin, I want to say that the following post is going to contain reaction videos of people who are responding to things that they have seen and heard about themselves on the internet. I want to be clear that I am in no way mocking, harassing, or making fun of them in any way of any kind. I’m just giving my two cents here, you don’t have to agree with me, but you do have to let me have a say on it. If you are not up to reading this blog, and/or can’t keep an open mind about what I’m saying, Stop here, and move on to something else. Thank you.**

I came across something on YouTube today. It’s from a cosplayer named SuperMaryFace who is upset that images of her face are being used in a sexually aggressive manner by someone online. She won’t say who, and that is fine – I’m not into the headhunting thing either, unless it’s a true asshole, then all bets are off, but that’s not the case here.

The video is 9 minutes long, and I recommend watching it from start to finish, as it’s the basis of this blog:

For those of you who didn’t watch the video, here is a description of what the problem is:

G’day Everyone! I didn’t say the account name because I don’t want you harassing this person. To them it was probably an honest “mistake” (taking someone’s photos and using them to act out rape scenes is a bit of an extreme mistake but let’s let it pass). This video is to inform everyone of how it feels to be “role played” without giving consent. This is a much bigger deal than just one instagram account.

“role played” without giving consent.” – that’s a weird thing to say, and it makes no sense at all. What she is talking about is how people Photoshop (and quite poorly I might add) the faces of people and paste them onto other bodies, most of the time the bodies are nude and sometimes in a state of sexual congress…and SuperMaryFace is upset and hurt over that. The account in question was making a spam account – it used her likeness and was clearly a spam account (someone pretending to be her) and it was posting pictures of her, with the words slut, whore and other vulgar stuff, including pictures of her involved in a rape scenario, and in sexual congress.

She compared what she saw to “someone invading her home”, and the pictures give her a physical state of panic. She is upset that her pics are being used in a pornographic manner on Instagram. And she is not ok with it. She actually stopped the plans she had for the day – it effected her a great deal.

There are a few things that bother me about this: The first thing that bothers me is her reaction to this account. In the video, she “explains” why this is so upsetting to her – she doesn’t like it and it makes her uncomfortable. Um…yeah. Anyone who sees something like that would make anyone uncomfortable, but that doesn’t explain the reason as to WHY she is reacting like this. This pictures are depicting her in rape fantasy scenes. BUT SHE HERSELF WASN’T RAPED, NOR IN ANY DANGER OF ANY KIND.

I do think it’s ok for her to be upset about it – no argument there. I wouldn’t like it if someone took my likeness and put it into an unflattering  image,  post unsavory comments and maybe even make captions of it that rub me the wrong way, that’s a given – but to get upset and start crying over it? No, that’s just too much.

Look, I can get that she doesn’t like someone else pretending  to be her, using her pics and her likeness – that’s not ok for ANYONE to do, EVER…But there is no need to cry over this, and what is happening here is NOTHING NEW AT ALL.

Models from all kinds don’t like their images being used like this, and they have a right to get angry about it, but to start crying and being all nervous and just let it ruin your day? Come on.

We KNOW she is a Cosplayer, and enjoys it a great deal. Excellent. Good for her, I say. Do what makes you happy.

People, regardless of their gender, are going to think of people in a sexual way. I’m not saying that what this did was right or wrong, I’m saying that this is a thing that happens , and it happens A LOT, and it comes out in different ways. Superimposing a model’s face onto a naked body is one of those things – that’s something that’s been going on for over a decade.

The second thing that twists me up, is where she says in the description“This video is to inform everyone of how it feels to be “role played” without giving consent.” – what the fuck is that? Sexual fantasies come from your brain, are boundless and are different across the board. Saying something like this, is exactly the equivalent to saying something like “If you want to think of me in a sexual way, you need my permission, first“.

What the sam crazy?

The Third thing that sticks in my side, is the whole premise of the video. She is asking people to stop doing this kind of thing, but at the same time admits that she can’t stop them. So what is the point of this video? To me, she is saying, and I’m paraphrasing here:

“I know you can’t and won’t stop thinking of me in a sexual and vulgar manner, but please try to stop, it’s making me shaky. ”

What she really wants, is for this guy to be reported on Instagram, so that he can stop impersonating her and altering her pics and the content can be taken down, which is fine,  but she didn’t give us the means to stop that from happening. Yes, Instagram’s TOS says that kind of content isn’t allowed at all on their service, and encourages users to report it, but by not telling us the account name, it’s going to keep on going.

And the very last thing is where she says that the captions that she was using  “it felt like her home was being invaded” – NO. JUST. NO.

Someone taking a picture of you, and superimposing this picture into another one, regardless of the content, and without your consent, IS NOT REMOTELY CLOSE to experiencing a home invasion.

15 years ago, MY HOME was invaded. it was 11:15pm, and I forgot the screen door to the back  was unlocked. There are two doors – the main door, and the outer screen door. I was coming up from the basement, when halfway up the stairs, I saw the main back door open. It was a windy night, so I thought the wind blew the door open a bit. The main door was unlocked, and the screen door was unlocked too. If my dog hadn’t been in the kitchen at the time, she wouldn’t have barked and scared him/her/whoever off.

THAT was a scary night, and it took a long time to get over that moment. If I had to choose between reliving that moment, or having someone put my face onto a picture of whatever, I choose the former. And no, they are not the same.

There is no need for her to cry over this, and handle it in such a passive aggressive manner.

People are, have and will continue to do this sort of thing. Assholes are going to make false accounts of people. People they are going to use the content you post, and pass it as their own. People are gonna do this shit. Haters gonna hate.

There this no need to stop doing what you want. Don’t cry about it, or be sheepish about how to deal with it. Ignore the haters, report the fakers, and don’t take it so seriously. It’s JUST PICTURES. They don’t represent who you really are.


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