Don’t be that guy…being a douchebag on Twitter.

I have been a twitter user since 2009. I currently have 3 active accounts, and I have deleted my @PlayBoyMan account once, due to aggressive bot following and spamming (I had 10,000 followers on the old PlayBoyMan account, over 8500 of them were bots).

But no matter what accounts I’ve had, I have always learned that it is ok to speak your mind, even if you only have 140 characters to work with.  Just be responsible with how you express what you are feeling. It’s all about the execution.

Sadly, as with any social media outlet, there is always going to be a influx of people, who don’t know how to do this, and they go overboard big time. No matter the social platform, no matter the topic, you are always going to find a small group of people who are able to talk out of their ass with little to no effort.

Most of these reactions are based on anger and misinformation. There is little to no self control with people who don’t have a filter, or a way of being tactful in how to express what they are feeling. And not surprisingly, I recently stumbled into a good example of such actions.

About a few days ago, I came across a person being a dickstain, to a really nice dude I’ve known for quite some time. The whole time, the dickstain  was being all disrespectful to just about everyone in the chat (This happened on a streaming site, btw. I don’t go into whose chat this happened in, nor will I drop any names), and as a reward of his behavior, he was rightfully timed out for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes past, the douche came back, being all apologetic to everyone, including myself (Yes, he was being a dickhead to me too), and kept talking about what he had posted on his twitter. He basically went on a rant about being timed out, saying all kinds of bullshit.  He even went as far as to tell everyone what his twitter account was, so we could all see what it was he typed – he took a snapshot of his phone.

I managed to save the image to my computer, and after some editing (removing usernames), I can show it to you below. Here is what a Douchebag looks like when he/she is ranting. Be advised that what you are about to read is vulgar and offensive, and not for sensitive readers:


As you can see, that’s not a very nice thing to do to someone, whose only crime was timing you out for being a douche to people. It’s ok to get upset about something, and it’s ok to speak your mind, but you need to have a level of tactfulness when doing so. Opening the floodgates and letting whatever comes to your mind just spew out like projectile vomit, without any regard to others who might also take offense, is just a bad idea.

This dude didn’t even bother to remove the image from his twitter, and the fact the he did everything to bring it to everyone’s attention in chat was clearly bragging. He was proud of it, and was trying to get even more people to give him a reason to start more shit. No one fell for his obvious trap, and he left the chat.

You can be just about ANYTHING in this world, and you can project any type of style and persona in social media…Just please, for the love of all that is good and pure – DO NOT BE A DOUCHE. You are not being clever, or funny, or nice.

No one wants a douchebag, so don’t be that guy.


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