Debugging The Gaming Industry, Pt1: Trolls at the #Gamergate!

“Games are beautiful, they are creative, they are worlds to immerse yourself in. They are art. And they are worth fighting for, even if the atmosphere is ugly right now.” -@feliciaday

I have noticed that in the recent weeks that GamerGate has gone from a simple, peaceful demand for transparency in gaming journalism, to a clusterfuck, loaded with death threats to women who speak out about GamerGate.

It’s a fucking mess…But it’s not the work of gamers – it’s the work of trolls. Internet Trolls to be exact.

Gamergate got started in September 2014, after it was reported that a large volley of journalists were electivity choosing on what games to report on. Most of the articles they composed were from people in the game industry that they were either close friends of, or engaged in sexual congress with. The result is you have a journalist who has a heavily biased report/review/op-ed piece, with the intent of personal gain –which is unethical.

Before I go any further, I want to make one thing clear: just as there are articles that are unbiased, there ARE articles that can be in favor of one side over the other, i.e. an opinion. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion for one side, just make sure that YOU, the person reporting/choosing that side did so on your own, and not for political/financial/sexual gains.

Before I continue, take a look at this youtube video by The Investigamer which talks about GamerGate, and how it came to pass:


That is what GamerGate is about: a call for ethical journalism in the gaming industry.

And we have lost sight of that. And like I said before, it’s all thanks to trolls.

A Internet Troll is a pest, that if left unchecked, can do a substantial amount of damage to just about anything – GamerGate is the latest victim of the internet trolls. And not only are they gaining ground, but they are succeeding in busting up the gate.

The trolls have been sending out death threats to any Woman who speaks out about GamerGate, for or against. If you watched the video above, you’ll notice that the way journalists responded to the legit gamer’s call for transparency and ethical journalism, was a smaller version of what the trolls are  doing right now: by making it appear that the gamers are  misogynists, and posting Anita Sarkeesian’s brand of bullshit. It’s the exact same response, but the trolls are using a lot less Anita Sarkeesian youtube links and a lot more threats and bullshitting. The articles that speak about misogyny in the gaming community are practically battle plans for trolls.

Since September, Anita Sarkeesian has been the subject to death threats and sexual threats against her, to the point that she has had to leave her home for safety.

Now I do not know if she actually is getting threats or not, after all, Sarkeesian could use this whole debacle to purport her beliefs with fake threats that she, or someone else could have fabricated, just to prove that her ‘facts’ are legit. I’m not saying that she has a hand in the trolling, but that idea isn’t too farfetched.

The Trolls are amplifying the Journalists response to GamerGate, by not just threatening Sarkeesian, but now gamers and people we respect and trust not to give us bullshit. Felicia Day’s blog about the gaming industry, was met with her getting doxxed and receiving threats, thus supporting the bullshit response the journalistic gaming community gave us shortly after GamerGame became a thing.

The trolls have generated so much shit, that there is now a anti movement against GamerGate: Anti-GamerGate groups are popping up, saying that gamer’s are taking things way too far, the point has been made and that the whole thing should just die out.

Anti-GamerGate is a byproduct of the bullshit the trolls have been doling out, and it’s paying off big time for them.

We are spending more time worrying about each other, and fighting amongst ourselves, that we aren’t talking about the actual bullshit that has been uncovered, and journalists are ok with that.

This shit has gotten out of hand. Some are neglecting their friends and what they need to do and work on, just to support GamerGate, others are just keeping quiet about the whole thing for fear of retaliation, and others are just against the whole thing, and want it to die out.

The GamerGate is a simple request, that people are taking way too seriously from all sides. This is something that while a big deal, only needs a simple solution. And it doesn’t require threatening anyone, or some over the top, unnecessary stunt or dramatic gesture.

It’s a simple walk-away.

What is this “Walk-away” I speak off? Simply put, it’s where you have nothing more to do with the news source in question. You can fire off a reasonable, level-headed email to the editor-in-chief about the whole GamerGate issue if can do so, but after that, you walk away.

  • If you follow them on twitter, unfollow them.
  • If you are one of their Facebook fan pages, leave the fan page.
  • If they have a steam group that you are a member of, leave the group.
  • If you can be calm and cool about this shit, send an email to the editor-in-chief about GamerGate, and leave the site alone.

That is a Walk-away. No threats, no drama, no silly shit, no trolling. That is something that we don’t do much of nowadays – drop the bullshit like a bad habit, and find something that makes us happy.

We spend most of our time holding on to the crap that put us in a funk. Yes, bullshit will always bother us, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the new Status Quo we all must follow.

We must remember that it’s OK to take a stand about wrongdoing, but that we must do so creativity and calmly. I know that GamerGate is an annoying ordeal, and corruption in gaming industry sucks ass and needs reform, but we are never going to change anything if we get all pissed off about it.

Someone is say/doing shit, so that gives us the right to start some shit, in the hopes of our shit will quash the shit that was started in the first place?

Does the phrase “Two wrong’s don’t make a right” mean anything to anyone anymore?

Trolls are Haters, and they are always going to try to stir up their shit to derail us from the more important issues at hand. That’s what has happened with GamerGate.

The best way to get back on this topic, is for everyone to calm their tits, take a deep breath, count to 25, toss away that death threat of yours, tell the trolls to fuck off, and let’s talk about GamerGate.

And yes, I do support the #GamerGate,  but I’m 100% calm about it.

Now that I have said my peace about The trolls at the gate, I am going to go make myself a sandwich.

In the upcoming Part 2 of my “Debugging the Gaming Industry”series, I will talk about why we don’t need ‘Social Justice Warriors’ in the industry. Special thanks to The Investigamer.


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