This is not how you do business with ANYONE.

Today, my father, who claimed that he was helping me be a better person, has shown to me that no matter what I say, or what I do, It means nothing to him. It felt like all that encouragement was a lie.

I can never explain my reasons to him – today he proved none of them matter to him, and don’t deserve respect.

Today he showed that the only time I will ever matter to him, the only time I will ever mean anything to him, the only time he will ever look at me with love, and will even consider that I am smart, or even show me the slightest sign of respect, is when I have a ton of money in my pocket.

Today, I was attacked, verbally attacked. No punches were thrown on either side, but my father was in my face about my choice to not accept personal checks. I just wanted to be paid in cash. He would’ve gotten a receipt, signed and dated, and that would have been the end of it. Simple

All he owed me was 200 bucks. I even offered to make a payment plan. I was flexible to a reasonable point. I don’t accept checks for security reasons – It can be very easy for a check to bounce by accident or on purpose, and I’ve been burnt like that before in the past. It wasn’t a personal issue with him- I just wanted to be safe with this transaction and have it done quickly. It was a payment option. Everyone has them, and they are not always the same.

To request that he go to his bank branch’ ATM, which is only 10 minutes away on foot, 5 minutes away by car, and getting 200 dollars cash, and placing it in my hand, was apparently too much to ask for, and it would have messed up his “protocol”. I was hit with threats, and ultimatums. I was called a “boy”, and told I was “Not using my head”, among other things. He was told that he didn’t want the IRS to investigate him, or get in trouble with the FBI, which made no sense at all.

But after all that, I stood my ground. I was trying to be reasonable, and what I wanted was reasonable.

$200 in cash.

I got it in a Money Order instead, and I was told that I “Talked myself out of getting paid $1200” by him. You never take a check that has more than the amount that is owed to you. It matters not if the person you are dealing with. It could have been is Jesus himself I was dealing with, you always make sure you are PAID WHAT IS OWED. I didn’t charge him all that money, and there was no need to get paid that much in the first place.

I did $200 of work, so pay me $200. I prefer cash, and don’t accept checks for security reasons. How is that unreasonable?

This is not how you do business with anyone. This was not a business transaction. This was a bully, trying really hard to get what he wants, on his terms.

Inflexible, uncompromising, rude, mean, and just plain nasty.

That is not how you do business with anyone. EVER.

And what hurts the most is this came from someone who is supposed to care about me. From someone who say he listens to me. Someone who says he respects me. Someone who says he wants to help.

Yet gets upset on how I choose to conduct business. So much so, that he gave me an ultimatum to take it or not. I thought he was going to hurt me. I thought I was going to have to call 911.

All of this shit for $200 cash.

Whatever trust, respect, and admiration I had for him, which has eroded over these years, is now 100% gone. My heart no longer beats for him.

This is not how you do business with anyone.

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