The Adult Entertainment Industry is more Responsible than the rest of us…

And there IS proof of that…On Wednesday (8/21/13), An Adult Film star, new to the industry, tested Positive for HIV, resulting in FSC’s call for an industry-wide moratorium on production and canceling all scheduled shoots until further notice.

You can read all about it here in the link below, and I suggest you read it to the fullest before you continue:

Now I’m pretty sure, to all my fellow non-industry folks, that the first thing you thought was “Wow, they are being so irresponsible”, or “They should wear condoms”, and if you are anti-porn, you may have actually said “Serves them right”.

And if you did say any or all of that, congratulations – you don’t know how to read…And if you said “Serves them Right”, you’re a total asshole.

Let me point out a few things to you, my Non-industry peeps:

  • How many times have you ever gotten an HIV test?

Adult Performers test every 14 to 28 days, (and self regulation is to thank on that one) and don’t get cleared for work if they test positive for anything, including HIV. How many Non-Industry people do that? How many times have you gotten tested in your sexual lifetime? Was it every 14 to 28 days? I doubt it.

  • Have you ever gotten an HIV test?

If you are in the Business of Adult Entertainment and you are getting your fuck on with other people, you are going to be tested, right from the jump – no exceptions. Everyone in the industry gets tested for STD’s and HIV. Adult performers get tested far more often than us non-industry people.

  • Do you have unprotected sex?

While there are a number of performers who do fuck unprotected, that number by comparison is leaps and bounds tiny when you compare it to how many people in the country are having unprotected sex with multiple partners. Its EXACTLY like making Mountains out of molehills, and far too many people are ignoring the actual mountain.

  • Do you practice good sexual hygiene?

There was an expression that many women told other women in the 1990’s. I’m sure the saying is much older than that, but it’s valid advice for industry and non-industry types:

“Don’t be a slut – wash your butt”

There are men and women who don’t make sure their “fucking equipment” is clean before and after sex. I’m thankfully not one of those people, and outside the industry they are not hard to find. I won’t get into details, but if you can smell someone’s funky crotch from 50 yards away, WHILE THEY ARE STILL FULLY CLOTHED – someone is being nasty in all the wrong ways.

I’m not joking on the “smell someone’s funky crotch from 50 yards away” remark – that actually happened. I might tell that story one day.

  • If you DO have an STD, do you refrain from having sex?

If you get an STD, you’ll clearly want to abstain from passing it on to others. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to spread Gonorrhea, Crabs, or even Chlamydia to others – oh wait, we non-industry folk don’t get tested every 14 to 28 days, so if you are having lots of sex sans condom with multiple partners, you most likely don’t know you have it, and you might be dismissing those symptoms (if any) as “nothing serious”.

This is something that does happen quite a bit in the country…and sometimes you might even hear about it on an episode of the Maury Show. Some guy cheats on his Wife/Girlfriend. And what proof does she have? She has an STD she got from her Hubby/Boyfriend.

  • If you have an STD, do you contact your sexual partners about possible exposure?

No matter what or whom you do in life, ANY doctor that finds out you have and STD and or HIV/AIDS will tell you that you MUST get in touch with all your sexual partners and tell them the news, to avoid the spread of infection. Granted that while NO ONE wants to get this kind of news, there ARE Non-Industry people out there who choose not to say a fucking word, for fear of embarrassment, and looking like an dumb ass.

But in fact, if a person does get an STD (And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, by the way), there is that possibility that they won’t admit it to anyone. It can and has happened, inside and outside the industry, but more outside than within.

So, what’s the point I’m trying to make?

It’s simple: There is a common fact that Non-Industry, Anti-Porn, The AHF, Lubben, Prudes and their supporters are all missing – Porn stars have lower rates of STD’s per capita than the general populous – that’s not made up, IT’S A FACT. But thanks to social browbeating and half-truths, it’s a fact that is generally ignored and disbelieved.

Like it or not, Porn Stars are more sexually responsible than you and I, and we should start paying more attention to that.

The Adult Entertainment Industry is a very, very, very, very, VERY tiny drop in a extremely large bucket, and everyone who is against it is missing and ignoring the bigger picture:

There are millions of people who have and live with HIV/AIDS, and Millions more contract STD’s at one or more point in their lives, all while semi- or completely ignoring sexual responsibility and hygiene. And instead of helping the masses by educating and supporting and even providing help, they (Non-Industry, Anti-Porn, AHF, Etc.) are dead set focusing on fighting and attacking the Adult Entertainment Industry, tooth and nail, all with the intention of either driving it underground where it doesn’t belong, trying to tearing it apart piece by piece, or sending it to oblivion.

And none of that shit is not solving the bigger problem of curbing STD’s, STI’s and informing people about real facts on HIV and AIDS, which is all in the millions of infected all over the world.

I’m not in the Porn Biz, and I’ll most likely remain a fan, but if you ever ask me if I think people in the industry are safer and responsible than people who aren’t – The answer is yes, without question.

Now I’m not speaking to everyone that’s non-industry like me– not everyone is nasty, and not everyone is being sexually irresponsible, and this is not a bash or an attack on anyone – this is a POV on how people see the industry. People are focusing so much on “dealing with it”, all the while ignoring the real issue at hand, and tossing the facts out the window.

If you don’t like porn, fine. The best way you can deal with it, is to just leave it alone. It’s not hurting anyone, and there are a ton of people who enjoy it, as there are many in the industry who love the work they do.

So to my fellow Non-Industry people, Anti-Porn, The AHF, Lubben, Prudes and their supporters, do us all a favor: Let it be, and deal with the bigger picture. The Adult Entertainment Industry may not be your friend or ally, but it’s sure as shit not the enemy.


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