Enough with the Drama already…

I want to do something I seldom do on the interwebs: Talk about myself.

In the Digital world that is comprised of Tweets, Facebook updates, a WordPress Blog, and a small army of tumblrs which talk a lot about Tits and ass (and I’m quite proud of that), the person you know as PlayBoyMan, aka Patrick Blake Mason – Is quite the cool dude.

I’m not afraid to speak my mind, and I get that I may rub people the wrong way, but I always do my best to make a point and explain it as best as I can. There are many people in the social networking megastorm that are the same way.

The only thing I’ve ever really wanted, is that I get the chance to at least finish what I’m trying to say, and try to explain where I’m coming from.

This has happened once before a year or two ago, and it almost made me say fuck it to social media. I already have enough drama in my life, and I don’t need any of it here on the web.

I’m not here to piss people off, nor am I here to kiss anyone’s ass and lick the sphincter clean. I’m not looking to start a fight I can’t finish. I’m not here to make enemies or look for trouble.

I’m here to express, and share my thoughts on a public forum that is social media. It’s a platform where I can speak my mind to whoever wants to listen to me – Whether it be one person or a hundred, I take comfort in the fact that someone listened to me, regardless if they agreed with me or not.

That’s the draw to Social Media: everyone gets their own soapbox to stand on, their own canvas to create and work with, their own platform to display what they have done and share it freely.

That’s why I’m here too.

So, to all who are reading this, and follow my blogs or twitter accounts, or friend me on Facebook – let’s make a deal:

I won’t give you any drama of any kind. If you are having a bad day, I’ll be happy to wish you well, or send tweet/post something funny to ya to cheer you up – no bullshit.

I’ll let you have your say, no matter what. I’ll never tell you to shut up – I’ve never told anyone in my life to shut up, even when I was in the right to do so. Everyone has the right to free speech at anytime, on any platform, analog or digital.

I’ll be happy to give you #FF shoutouts on twitter – there are so many people I follow who are fucking awesome, and I know there is no way I can tweet all of you in one day – twitter would think I’m spamming. Yes, that many.

All I ask, in return, is that you respond in kind. Do we have a deal?


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