Yo @ShelleyLubben, I read your “Message For Men….”

…And its funny as fuck.

Today, I was traveling thru the isles of Social Media. Checking my messages, managing my blogs, archiving posts, reading posts, looking at the occasional pair of breasts…the usual.

Today, I looked at the Facebook page of one of the biggest liars I’ve never met, and really don’t want to meet AFK: Shelley Lubben.

I know – I talk about her a lot, and there might be a few readers who are getting quite tired of this, but today, I came across a post and her Facebook that caught my eye. And seeing that this post was specifically for men, I gave it a read. Warning, it’s a long one:


Did you read all that? Really? Wow. And you didn’t fall asleep? I’m impressed. As a reward, enjoy some eye candy; you’ve earned it:


OK, now that you have enjoyed that, I’d like to reply to Lubben’s “Message for Men”, 100% straight up full of honesty:

I have watched Porn since I turned 21. I’m 34 now. For the last 13 years, I have never abused, beaten, attacked, or even raped any woman, and I have never had the urge to do so, before AND after watching any porn movie. To suggest that I, a man, am doing harm to women by watching porn, is farfetched on a lot of levels. It’s like saying that I’m hurting a woman by having consensual sex with her.

The notion that Porn “hurts” people and relationships is a myth. I know of couples who enjoy and watch porn, and seem to be doing fine as a result of it. Porn is a form of adult entertainment. It’s not to blame for anything, and trying to place blame on it as a result of one’s failures and/or losses is a sad attempt to avoid responsibility therein.

Whatever God one may worship in the life they live, remember that your deity does not care if you watch porn. The way I see it, If your god hates what you are doing, he would’ve dealt with you the second it was happening.

We have free will – we can do and say whatever we want. If we didn’t have that, then god would be all over us all the time. Thankfully, that is not the case.

Human sexuality is something that should be enjoyed, and restricted only to what one enjoys and is comfortable doing in the moment. We all have our own sexual desires and fantasies, and as long as they don’t involve children, animals, or other family members, its totally good.

If you like using porn or sex toys in your sexual activities, whether by yourself or with a partner, regardless of your sexual orientation, that’s 100% fine. To each their own. Who are we to judge what, or more effectively WHOM, others have sex with?

And Ladies, PLEASE let go of the notion that men are the majority in watching porn. That’s a major misconception. It’s not 75% men to 25% women, its 85% men to 72-75% Women. The 75% to 25% is based solely on which gender will most likely ADMIT to watching porn. Most women are quite coy when it comes to sex, and that might be why some women aren’t satisfied in the bedroom – because they don’t explore their sexual appetite. There are other factors that also come into play, but I’ll focus on this one

Society and peer pressure do too good of a job in making men and women feel guilty or ashamed about their sexual urges, fantasies, and desires, and how they express them. Enjoying your sex life is a good thing. If your god didn’t want you to enjoy porn or sex, he (or she) wouldn’t have made it feel so good. 

Porn does not, is not, and never will be responsible for what you do with your life. You are in charge of your own life, porn is not. Who you choose to be with, and what you do with (and to) that person sexually, whether its in the bedroom, around the house, in a car, hotel or motel, and of course in a porn movie, is your business and your responsibility.

Lastly, your god, no matter what his name is, or what religion you follow, wants you to enjoy all aspects of life. If watching porn adds some spice or variety to your life, so be it. Enjoy.

That reply was so good, that as I type this blog post, I copied and pasted it to my Facebook page, and used it as well as to Shelley’s Facebook page too. Have a look (and no, you don’t have to read it again):


And just I took a screenshot of my post on Shelley’s Facebook, It was removed. Like it was never posted in the first place. I guess the truth hurts only those who turn a blind eye to it, because it’ll smack you upside the head when you don’t expect or accept it.

But I’m a little confused as to why she deleted it though – Her message is for Men. I’m a man, and I read it. Don’t I have the right to give an honest reply to it? And shouldn’t such a reply be open for others to view, observe and comment on?

It’s Weird, isn’t it?

As a reward for taking the time to read this blog, I’ll leave you with this last bit of Eye Candy:


Thanks for reading.


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