PlayBoyMan’s response to the “Taboo of Interracial Sex”

Yesterday, I read an article from Adult film star Aurora Snow, titled: “Interracial Sex Still Taboo for Many Porn Stars”. It talked about how certain adult performers, to this day STILL believe in the outdated concept that female performers don’t get a lot of work in the business after they do interracial sex scenes.

Of all the good things in the Adult Entertainment industry, this is by far the only Worst thing that sucks donkey dick.

This is the only truly shitty part about the the porn industry – outdated concepts. As Lady Snow pointed out in her article, There are several reasons why women won’t do IR (Interracial) sex scenes – the major one could be the size.

And that is perfectly understandable – some women can’t handle the sizes the black male performers are packing. It can be intimidating for the women, and that is a valid reason for them and me – and this is coming from a black man who loves big tits, by the way.

But is doing a black guy with a huge dick really something that can hurt a Female Performer’s carrier in the Porn Biz?

I say no.

This is something that still exists in the industry to this day, and it really shouldn’t. It makes no sense continue on with this crap.

To everyone in the Adult Entertainment Industry, who thinks this stereotype still has merit – stop it. The fans and supporters now are leaps and bounds different then they were 20 years ago. We like variety now, and we really don’t care about a performers race. It’s all about how good the performers fuck on camera.

All this stemmed from an article on TMZ a few weeks back, stating how Alexis Texas has not done an IR scene – who fucking cares? I Don’t. And even if she did an IR, it wouldn’t change her for the worse – I still have yet to find a guy who thinks a white woman fucking a black guy in a porno or in their personal life is “Gross”, “Wrong”, or “Stupid” – that guy does not exist. And if he does, please punch him in the dick for me.

“Racist” attitudes within the porn industry have no business in the industry. Aurora Snow called it right, its an outdated strategy, ideal, whatever you want to call it. A good example – Lisa Ann. She has done IR Scenes, and it only makes my cock harder for her. The fact that she can handle all that dark meat and not pass out is highly impressive.

So Ladies, if you thinking of becoming a Pornstar, or are in the business already, PLEASE DON’T LET THIS SHIT COCKBLOCK YOUR CARRIER!

Expand your sexual horizons. Be safe and have fun. Your fans will love you for it, like I do.

Also, one last thing I want to clarify about Alexis Texas and IR sex scenes – While its true that Lady Texas has not been with a black guy yet, she HAS been with a black woman.

The Film is called “Marie Luv’s Go Hard or Go Home (2009)” by Justin Slayer International. Scene 4 of the film stars Alexis Texas, Mr. Pete and Marie Luv – who is a Black woman. Alexis gives her oral and plays with her pussy in the threesome. It counts as an IR scene.

Proof: entry (Opens in new window)

Thanks to Aurora Snow for writing that article. You can read it over at the Daily Beast Here, and follow Aurora Snow on Twitter @MissAuroraSnow

And thanks to for having the info I needed for this blog post. There website is and they are also on twitter @IAFDcom

Thanks for reading.


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