I am not a Pervert..Chill with that shit.

Not long ago, I got some emails, saying that I am disgusting for loving Boobs so much, and that I am a pervert, and that I’m being disrespectful to women. And I would like to respond to that.

As most of you know, I have Mazophilia – more commonly known as Breast Fetishism….Meaning I love Boobies. It has many different avenues, but mainly for me, I just love large breasts. I like them big – its my nature, and I can’t and won’t change that.

Thankfully, there are people just like me who have the same fetish I do, and they get the vibe of people who do as well. Even busty women love busty women. It’s fantastic. But, as with everything that exists on the planet, there is always another side to it. And that is the case here.

Just as there are people who like people who love big breasts, there are people who think that guys who love breasts as much as I do are either perverts, only thinking about sex, only like women for their boobs and nothing else, or are just not right in the brain.

NONE of that is true. And I take strong offense to that. I have mad respect for all women, and being sexually attractive to a woman is not a sign of disrespect. Women are Sexy. What wrong with that?

Look, everyone has a fetish. A Fetish is a Strong Sexual Preference, and there are TONS of them. 

We all got our little something that turns us on. It’s called Psychical attraction – It’s how we are wired, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, to the people who think I’m a pervert, and I’m speaking to all of them, not just the two people who emailed me…

Chill with that shit.

I am proud of my fetish. I’m not ashamed of it in any way shape or form. I get that it’s not for everyone, and that some can’t hang with it. But in no way am I a pervert.

I am PlayBoyMan. I love Large-Breasted Women. I LOVE BOOBIES. Deal with it, out get the fuck out.

Thank you.


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