What else am I changing?

So far, I’ve closed my old Twitter account in favor of a new one. And I’ve changed the Layout of The Perverted Brain Blog at WordPress. So, what’s next? No More Boobquakes? Changing the user name? Closing some blogs? No more Podcasts?!


Ok, I made that last one up – I’ve never given away free bottles of soda, but yes, there will be a few more changes. But don’t fret, all the good things you like and enjoy about me will keep going on. BoobQuakes, Blogging, podcasts and all those naked pics you love fapping off to are gonna keep on going. The next changes I have to make are cosmetic ones to my blogs, and I’ll be working on my personal backup server, so if you don’t hear from me in the next few days, don’t worry – I’m just fine.

And no, I won’t be changing my username. I’ll Always be PlayBoyMan.


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