A Quick Statement on Gun Control…

I am Pro-Gun. I do feel its alright for me to have access to a gun for protection. I LOVE guns. I enjoy playing Games and watching movies that have guns in them (Rambo, Grand Theft Auto, The Expendables 1 & 2, and even 3 when it comes out).

But I do NOT feel like I should have the same guns the Army has, i.e. Assault Rifles, unless I join the fucking Army.

It only takes one Bullet aimed in the right place on a person to stop or kill them. A Shotgun and or a Handgun can do the same thing – stop someone in their tracks.

I don’t want or need an assault rifle – it’s what we common sense folk like to call “Overkill”.

The Ownership of Assault Rifles, and the mad need to buy them all up is based on fear, mistrust, and crazy motherfuckers that don’t like common sense, like the NRA, and any Right Wing nutjob who thinks we are getting rid of all guns (we aren’t btw).

Gun Control is not the ultimate solution, and too many people think that is the case. It’s not. It’s Part of the solution. There are many issues that must be resolved, and Gun Control is one of them.


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