Shelley Lubben Blocked me….YAY!

Note: The images of Tweets read upwards.

It was so horrible – I remember it like it was Tuesday, January 8th, 2013, a little after 11pm.

There I was, exploring the Twitterverse – Chelsea Lately playing in the background. When then, I saw a tweet from the Crazy Shitkicker Shelley Lubben. She was talking about how much she hated the fact that Kathy Griffin was “Acting like a Porn Star” On New Years Eve, and posted a video about it. I couldn’t get a screenshot of the tweet she posted, because she deleted it seconds later, but I was able to find the video she was referring to on TMZ. Link to it here after the jump:

After I managed to see that tweet (Btw, that video is almost a WEEK OLD as of this posting), I Noticed it was gone seconds later. I Tweeted where it went, only then to see these tweets from Lubben:



I replied to those tweets:


She then tweeted like a mad man, dumping on Kathy Griffin like she was a toilet with the seat down:


I responded with a reasonable volley of Tweets:


Don’t know how she would’ve dealt with people on New Years Eve, but I found out how she planned to deal with ME.

I got one last tweet from Shelley, via Tweetdeck:


I clicked on the video and watched it for a few seconds – typical Lubben BS. and just as I was about to reply to it, I noticed that my timeline wasn’t updating, and I couldn’t send tweets out – this, was a very familiar moment.

I logged on, and found out that my account, which I JUST got a few days ago, was reported and suspended.

Thankfully, restoring my account was a quick and painless one. For serious, it took like a minute.

Anyway…..after I restored my account, I tweeted to Michael Whiteacre what happene:




And the last tweet from Michael gave the goosebumps:


I am soo looking forward to what is coming. All in all – I really don’t care that shelley has blocked me. I wear it like a badge of honor. Sooner or later, all the bullshit she loves talking about is gonna catch up to her on a grand scale, and she’ll have to answer for it.

There was one more thing that I found interesting – in one of her tweets yesterday, she claimed that she was approached by Anderson Cooper to be on the show this Thursday –


If Anderson Cooper has watched these silly videos of hers, and sees how she reacts under pressure when confronted with common sense, I’m pretty sure she won’t make it on the show.

And I’m pleased as punch about that.


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