Something I saw on Youtube Today…

I decided today to look for video on Youtube about porn, when I came across a video done by Shelly Lubben. The Title of the video was called:

“Shocking Footage of Women Abused on the Porn Set (a California Workplace) “

Automatically sensing that this was bullshit, I decided to take a look at it. And I was right, it’s bullshit. The video starts out stating bible verses for 23 seconds, and then starts with shelly talking about her “Horrendous” life in porn. the video also showed “real footage” of women being “abused and forced into having sex”, stating how much they don’t like it, crying and pretending to be in pain.

And yes, they were pretending. You see, there is also “Extreme” types of porn out there. The Genres are: Rape Fantasy, Punishment, Peeing, and Fisting.

Rape Fantasy and Punishment genres of porn are the ones that get the most flack, because there are people who think its real. The Rape Fantasy is where a woman wants to be in a situation where it appears she is being forced to take off her clothes, be submissive and “raped” – but its all a fantasy. She knows her “Attacker”, and she does want this to happen – but she understands that it’s all fake.

Believe it or not, Rape Fantasy is nothing more than role-playing, and most people don’t quite understand why any woman would want to enjoy that kind of thing, which is understandable. Rape is not a “fun” thing, but this is a rape fantasy – it’s harmless to everyone who is involved. It only “Looks” bad or dangerous.

Which brings me back to the video. The whole time these “behind the scenes” video clips, and I use that expression lightly, are being displayed, they are being titled as being from “porn set”. She doesn’t give any names of the male performers who are allegedly taking advantage of or abusing these women. You know what? I think it would be better if I just quote to you a comment I submitted to the video. It requires approval from the uploader, so there is a chance It won’t be approved.

Thankfully, I copied it before I submitted it. Here is my comment on the video in question:

This video really does not prove Shelly’s point. There are porn movies that have these type of scenes, but they are STAGED. The Women “claim” to not like it, or are uncomfortable, but its all an act, nonetheless.

Another thing I’d Like to point out – why haven’t we heard from the victims in the “footage” from the video? Why haven’t they gone to the police and pressed charges? What about the names of the guys who were “assaulting” these women?
Why show this footage, but provide no other facts?

Its true – she provides no other facts. It’s all brazen, biased, outdated information she’s been shitting out of her ass since minute one.

I get that there are people who don’t like porn, but there are people who do, and everyone who is in the business of making .porn, are choosing to do so of their own free will. They are not being forced to do anything they don’t want to do, and they can give up the business anytime they want.

It’s their life – they make their own choices.

Misinformation, lies and deception are the tools of Shelley Lubben’ trade. She’ll lie her ass off just to prove her point, and she did it (or tried to do it) with one of these ridiculous videos of hers/

I don’t want you to be misinformed about porn, and the people who are for and against it. You deserve the truth, not the truth according to Shelly.

I’ll end this blog post with a documentary called “The Devil and Shelley Lubben” – it’s a four part series made by Michael Whiteacre, and gives a revealing look at the loudest anti-porn protester around:


Eve-opening, isn’t it?


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