An Open Letter to Shelly Lubben (@shelleylubben)

Dear Shelly,

I write this letter with the intent of making and talking about a few observations. There are two things that I feel that you should stop doing, that I will address in this open letter to you. You don’t need to respond to it at all, just read it. Let’s begin.

First off: Stop Fucking Lying.

Your claims of being Raped, and forced to do Drugs and Booze while you were in the industry, is without question, the best untrue story I have ever heard in my life on this planet, in this part of the known universe. For serious, haven’t we had enough of people making shit up?

It’s the same shit – something bad happens to someone, and industry ABC is to blame for it. Over the years, I’ve heard this story many times before, each time it was a different branch of the entertainment industries – Parents blaming TV for their Child’s bad behavior, Music being called the “Work of the Devil”,  Movies for their language and sexual content, and violent video games are turning kids into killing machine psychopaths. It’s the same bullshit story, but with different characters, every time.

And now, that story yet again, is being told. The industry is the adult entertainment business, and you and the AHF are the ones pointing fingers.

Adult Entertainment is in the mainstream now, and just like the other times and the other industries, backlash, half-truths and bullshit laws are coming to fruition.

…And like those other times, the people making the most noise have zero problems making it all up and selling out, all to get their “point” across.

Look, I’m all in favor of Sexual Responsibility, Safe Sex, and STD/STI/HIV/AIDS Awareness, and so is the porn industry. Both those in the business and I encourage people to learn all about the joys and risks of sex. I won’t argue with you or anyone about that – but BOTH I and the people in the Adult Entertainment Industry, take issue and strong offense when someone, anyone makes shit up and sprouts lies to make their message have meaning.

When it comes to facts and things I believe in, I make sure that my information is accurate to the point of night sweats. I can’t and won’t make up bullshit facts – I’m not that kind of guy. Information is an important part of life – we need actual facts from reliable sources, not bullshit.

And yes, I am talking about Measure B. You may not admit it, but we all know the truth – measure B is a waste of time, money and bullshit.

If you truly give a damn, Stop fucking lying about what happened to you. It’s not true, and I don’t buy it one bit. Nobody’s buying it.

The Second thing I would like to address: Accept fucking responsibility.

The reason people are so quick to blame others over their actions, is because its so easy to do so. People can get so full of pride for themselves that it puts them into a state of denial. They can’t handle the guilt of what they have done, so they pass the blame to whoever is close enough to them.

You may think you are doing the right thing now, but in reality you are not. Look at the example you are setting: “If you make a mistake, don’t accept the fact that it’s your fault. Just blame someone else.”

That’s a terrible message for the masses, I don’t care what the issue is.

As much as you don’t want to admit it, you and you alone are responsible for the choices in your life. Accept your mistakes, and move on. The Adult Entertainment Industry is no where near close to blame for your actions. It’s your body and your life – you should’ve made smarter choices.

As I said earlier – no one made you do anything you didn’t want to do before, during, and after your time in the industry, and if you are angry, which I think you are, you need to stop taking it out on the Industry.

The Adult Entertainment Industry, and its supporters and fans (I’m a fan by the way), are not responsible for you. If you make a mistake, its your mistake. If you make a bad choice, its your bad choice. Shelly Lubben is responsible for Shelly Lubben. It’s that simple.

Lastly, and this is the most important: You are not “Saving” anyone.

Yes, it’s true, I’ve read the truth about  your “Success” stories from rescuing women from porn by messing with their beliefs, making them feel guilty and talking them out of the business, and announce  they are “Rescued”.

You are not anyone’s Savior. You are not, and should never be in control of anyone’s actions, choices, or beliefs.

You may not like the choices people make in their lives, but you should always respect their actions, choices, and beliefs.

Yes, that is a bitter pill to swallow, but the Truth is never easy to accept from anyone.

I hope you do change your ways, and stop all this crazy shit. I will never wish nothing but the best for you. I do hope you mend your ways, better sooner  than later.

Thank you very much for your time.


One thought on “An Open Letter to Shelly Lubben (@shelleylubben)

  1. 3ach39 says:

    Did you see her response? “Thank you for supporting our cause! You’re right, the porn industry IS sex trafficking!” I dont see anything above that would verify that statement. She must have asbergers or some mental retardation or something like that.

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