Edit those “Dangerous Curves” AWAY!

This is gonna be a short blog post – but the purpose, as always is spot on.

Also, What do you think of the new blog design? Likey? I do. Moving on…

Fashion Magazines use Photoshop too fucking much. For serious, just straight up too fucking much.

Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY LOVE Photoshop, but that way Magazine Publishers use it so heavily is just plain wrong as FUCK.

In nearly every magazine and fashion catalog, I’ve seen tons of pics that have been Photoshopped to death. And I ask myself: “WHY?!”

I actually asked a few people I know this question: “Why do you think Magazines use the fuck outta Photoshop?”

The Majority said: “To sell Magazines”. The Minority said “who cares, they look hot!” I’ll go with the majority on this.

I can understand and think its reasonable to make small edits here and there to fix up an image, but to go fucking nuts and edit so much that the pic looks like the true piece of shit makes about as much sense as installing an Air Conditioner on the ice planet Hoth (For you non-geeks, that’s in reference to the Star Wars Movies, and a damn good one at that).

For serious, I really don’t see the need to Edit and retouch the fuck out of pictures. I didn’t mind it so much for quite some time, until I came across this:


This is the October 2012 Issue of “Lucky Magazine” – do you see the problem here? C’mon – you’re looking right at it. Here, I’ll point it out to you:


I can tell you right now – Christina Aguilera’s Tits are NOT THAT SMALL!

They’ve never been that small at all. She looks almost as flat as a board in this pic. What the Flying Fuck?! If anything,They’ve put on some weight and looking good. I couldn’t find a good pic of them sans Push up bra, but this video should Suffice:

That is the video teaser her Song “Your Body”. Jump to 0:16  in the video, to see what I’m talking about. If you compare the image to the video, you can CLEARLY tell that her boobs are much bigger in the video. Yes, The Editors must have something against Curvy women, because the photoshopped the fuck out of those puppies. If you watch “The Voice”, you can see those boobies are juicy, not flat as a board.

Another thing I’ve noticed – why do fashion magazines only feature women with little to no curves at all? It’s like curves are Dangerous or something. No wonder why some women have eating disorders and low self-esteem issues – these magazines make sure to mindfuck these ladies into a nice neurotic mess that only Dr. Phil can fix.

If it sounds like I’m pissed, I am. Ladies, I want you to read the following very carefully. I’m gonna quote myself on this too:

I am attracted to all types women of various body types, and I’m not alone on this. I have found a vast number of men love women with curves. A Little or a lot, curves are good. These highly exaggerated editing of images is a true piece of bullshit, that produces a false ideal of what men want.

Real Men loves curves. Ask any man out there, they’ll gladly admit it.

Magazines that abuse the Photoshop to such a caliber is beyond fucked up. I use and LOVE Photoshop, but I’m not a big fan of the retouching. I just don’t deem it necessary. It matters not if your skin has freckles or blemishes, how wide or narrow your hips are, how large or small your breasts are, and how round or petite your ass is. Curves, no matter how much or little you have are not bad to have at all  As the old saying goes: “A Picture is worth 1000 words” – Why fuck that up?


Seriously ladies, remember that quote.


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