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Home, aka My Pants

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“Nurses 2” by Digital Playground (@DPxxx)




Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Bibi Jones, Erik Everhard
  • Scene 2. Selena Rose, Tommy Gunn
  • Scene 3. Jesse Jane, Manuel Ferrara
  • Scene 4. Riley Steele, Erik Everhard
  • Scene 5. Bibi Jones, Mick Blue
  • Scene 6. Alexis Texas, James Deen
  • Scene 7. Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrara
  • Scene 8. Nikita Von James, Ben English
  • Scene 9. Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Selena Rose, Manuel Ferrara

Hey look at me, rocking the Info like a boss!

I know I know – After seeing the cover of this movie, you’d think it would be in my DVD player instantly. Sadly, Life has gotten I have taken time out of my busy life to sit down and watch this long-awaited sequel from DP – and I must say…I fucking LOVE IT!

For those of you who have yet to see this movie, or don’t really know what it about, “Nurses 2” Focuses around the Doctors and Nurses Of Coos County General Hospital (don’t bother goggling that, the hospital does not exist) This movie is like the TV show Scrubs, only everyone is 150% hotter, and they fuck like Champions with PhD’s.

For serious, “Nurses 2” has a perfect balance of Sex and Comedy, just like the first one – and that kind of continuity is aces in my fap book. There are a ton of funny moments in this movie, and you won’t be able to help laughing your ass off. Yes, there CAN be funny moments in porn movies, and this movie is proof of that. Hell, one of the sex scenes has a really great comedic startup to it…more on that in a minute…

The Audio and Video is top-notch, and has the quality I’ve come to expect from Digital Playground over the years. The Cinematography is on Par too – excellent camera angles, good lighting and set design – I can’t tell if this movie is shot in a warehouse, Large Garage, a Soundstage or an ACTUAL Hospital – THAT’S how good a job they did.

The Sex scenes are great – Jesse Jane never ceases to catch my eye in that ultra-sexy Nurse’s uniform. And she does get a lot of attention from the visitors at the hospital (You’ll have to watch the first one to understand what I mean). Bibi Jones also has some really good sex throughout her scenes, and Selena Rose and Mr. Tommy Gunn have good chemistry together However, despite these great sex scenes, there is one scene that really stands out:

Scene 6 – the scene starring Alexis Texas and the lucky man, James Deen. This is also the scene with the funny setup to it.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT…If you don’t want to read this part, just skip past it to the line that reads: “END OF SPOILER

The comedy begins with Nurse Riley Steele wheeling in a Female Patient on a gurney (Alexis Texas). Alexis is sleeping, laying on her stomach, with her bare ass exposed and bouncing around ever so gently (And damn it, it looks GOOD).

Riley Stops the gurney at the Nurse’s station, where Jesse has also noticed this round mound of booty. The Two share a laugh causing some papers to fall on the floor. Riley bends down to pick up the papers and ends up bumping into the gurney, causing it to slowly roll away unnoticed. It comes to a gentle stop at another station, Where Mr. Deen becomes enchanted and understandably excited.

Scene switches to an exam room. Alexis explains that she fell asleep, and when she woke up, her ass was huge – she even hands James a pair of the panties she was wearing, which are completely torn the fuck up. James just falls in love with that ass. Rubs oil on it, fondles it, talks about how beautiful and amazing her ass looks. The Compliments cheer up Alexis, and also turn her on in the process, thus leading to the incredible sex the two have for the duration of the scene.


I gotta tell you: The Spoiler? As detailed as it is, In my honest opinion, it didn’t do it justice. That is a scene you need to watch to understand and truly enjoy.

Now Don’t get me wrong, the other sex scenes are fantastic – Jesse Jane doing the nasty is always a welcome sight. But this scene just stands out. You’ll say the same thing I did when I got this movie: “This Movie was so worth it” – come to think of it, every movie I’ve watched from DP has been worth the money.

When you buy this I STRONGLY recommend watching the Blu-Ray version. Porn looks fantastic in High-Def, and “Nurses 2” will not disappoint.

The only downside I could find in this gem of a film: Katsuni was not in it.

If you watched the first “Nurses”, Katsuni plays as a very strict head nurse. Her French accent and posture (Yes, I’m talking about that perky ass she has) are an excellent fit in the first one – it would’ve been great to see her in the sequel. But despite her not being in this, it didn’t really hurt the movie at all.

Whichever way you choose to watch it (VOD, DVD, Online at Digital Playground’s Website), it really is a must see. Yes its that Fucking good.

I give “Nurses 2” a 10/10 rating.

Thanks for reading.

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