An Open Letter to Facebook….

Dear Facebook,

I don’t mind using your service as a means to keep in touch with people/groups/businesses I like, but I have a little problem with you…

You see, you (Facebook) are in favor of passing a law called CISPA, that would make it OK for the US Government to collect all the personal and private information it wants from Facebook users…

…without the need for a warrant…anytime they want.

I have to tell you – I don’t want that. You see, there are certain things that people rely on a service being able to provide:

  • A solid Privacy Policy, that protects the sensitive data of the users of the service
  • The use of Encryption with sensitive data, like credit card information, Username and password info, etc.
  • A clear and balanced Terms of service
  • Confidence that the service is operating with the best intentions of itself and its users.

My Dear Facebook – you are little ways off on doing some of these things. Your Privacy Policy and the security settings you have available to the users are insulting. Your terms of Service are OK – as long as you are upfront and honest about them. You DO use encryption on sensitive data, but that becomes a moot point if you are willing to share this information freely to the government and local authorities WITHOUT a WARRANT or consent from the users.

All of this in turn, hurts the Confidence users and investors have in Facebook.

I’m all in favor of protecting and securing the internet, and making it safe for people to do their personal business online, but NOT at the expense of violating my right to privacy.I know I am responsible for what content I post on Facebook, and I am willing to adhere to the TOS, but you have to convince me and assure me that you are looking out for my best interests and choose not to become a “Big Brother” Division for Government and Companies.

I respect you Facebook, and I enjoy using your services for my needs…

My Digital Life is mine and mine alone to do with as I please – all I ask is that you honor and respect my rights to privacy, and the sensitive information therein.  And you can do that by not standing by CISPA in it’s current form.

I have committed no crimes. I am not out to hurt anyone, nor do I want to be hurt. I am a good person who just wants to enjoy life in both Analog and Digital Formats.

Please…Don’t take away my right to privacy on Facebook. If you are going take away anything from me, You can take away the Timeline style on my Facebook page. I don’t really like it too much.

Thanks for reading.


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