10 Questions with…@Boobster

Yes, Boobster. Of Boobster.net, and boobsternewscenter.com – The one on Twitter (@Boobster). The Boobster Taylor Stevens <3’s:


Yeah, THAT Boobster.

I have always wanted to do a Q and A segment with people. Especially with people I follow on Twitter. Porn Stars, Adult models, Youtubers, etc..

I think it would be great to ask 10 questions to some of you guys and gals, and blog the answers for all to read and enjoy, so about a week ago, I took a chance, and asked Boobster if they would like to have a go.

I emailed him and asked if he would like to give it a try – he said yes. After throwing my arms up in epic win, and cleaning up a broken glass afterwards (I was holding a glass of milk when I read the email), I came up with 10 questions for him to answer.

Below are the my 10 Questions and Boobster’s answers to each one. Now these are his actual answers to the questions – I haven’t edited them in any way, shape or form. And I must say – I got some really good answers. Here goes:

1. Who is your Favorite Porn Star?

huh, that is a tough one.. I’d have to go with Gianna Michaels I
guess.. for me, she’s a perfect combo of incredible figure, fun
loving, genuine character, and a dirty, skilled, fuck loving slut..

2. What do you think of all the attention Taylor Stevens has been getting lately?

I know Tay for years and years, and Im glad she’s getting the
attantion she deserves… she’s an energy bomb, and this had to happen
sooner or later..

3. When did you realize your fetish/obsession for Boobies?

at very young age actually.. was always starring at stacked ladies on
the beach, and later in school the bustiest teachers were my
favorites.. 🙂

4. What is your favorite slang word for breasts?

I guess “boobs”.. it just sounds big and juicy…

5. If you could go on a lunch date with only ONE woman who would it be?

oh man, another though one.. I really can’t say that.. if I was in
USA, I think I’d pick Maserati XXX, I just wanna see that rack in
person (plus, she comes across slutty enough that something might
happen after dinner).. in South America I’d definitely pick Miss Issy
.. that woman is a fucking DREAM!.. in Europe, I’d struggle between
Chloe Vevrier and Leanne Crow..

6. What do you think of Porn Parodies?

they can be fun, but I like when porn movies are about slutty babes
that love to get fucked…

7. Senario: A Law has been passed that gives you a legal right to kick only one person’s ass. Whose ass would you kick?

what is it with you and “one person”.. there are so many people that
deserve good ass whooping out there..

8. Do you play any Computer Games?

nope.. never been fan of those.. always ended up looking up big
titties online instead…

9. What do you think is the best invention in the world?

the wheel showed up to be quite useful for couple of things.. plus,
it’s kind of boob shaped 🙂

10. What Celebrity do you think should do porn?

if they did porn, they’d be porstars, and that would kill the
“celebrity” vibe.. so, I’d go with “just keep losing your phones”
ladies 😉

I shall Boob on, good sir. Thanks for answering my 10 Questions.

Now, If anyone wants to have a run at “10 questions with….”, you can Tweet me on Twitter (@PlayBoyMan), and we’ll take it from there, via DM. This is a new segment that I really want to start doing on a regular basis, so don’t be afraid to ask.


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