Stanley Cup Boobies…

“Who is the busty little thang right there?!”

“Dude, took at the tits on TV!”


If you said any one of those 3 Sentences while watching Game 4 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals last night, It might be because you saw this buxom woman on TV:


Look at those breasts…Big and juicy, aren’t they? If only that guy had looked to his left…But I digress. No, you weren’t seeing things. It was a true chance this pic even exits. And yes, that is who you think it is..

The Lady in question is none other than Adult Model Taylor Stevens. She was sitting behind the Devils at Game 4 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals…It has been rumored that this game got some MAJOR ratings as it aired, which can only mean that we might hear more about this for the rest of the week, and that Is cool with me, and the TONS of fans Taylor has.

You saw her here and there while watching the game. Just for a few seconds, she was there on TV: she is there in the upper right hand corner of this pic:


And here she is again, just right of Center in this pic:


And that’s her again in the upper right again:


…But let’s face it – the best pic is this one:


And Even though you are just loving/tweeting/talking/jerking off/wishing and …well Jerking off to those boobies (AFTER you Photoshop the guy out that pic), it’s just not enough to make you appreciate this busty sensation to it’s fullest.

What you need is a Picture of this Buxom Goddess, doing what she does best: Haunt your Sexual Dreams and Fantasies…And Yes, I Can provide that:


Thank you Taylor Stevens – You made Game 4 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs the best game I’ve ever watched.

Lastly, I want to tell you all about I joke I tweeted to Taylor. A spin on a classic:

@TAYSTEVENS Busty Babe, something weird happened – I saw your boobies on TV, and a Hockey game appeared! (Get it?) ;D

She retweeted it shortly thereafter. Epic Win. 😀


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