The AHF – The Adult Entertainment Industry’s latest shitkicking enemies.

HIV/AIDS is a very important issue when it comes to sexual health. No one wants to catch this disease, and those who DO have it, certainly don’t want to infect others. It’s understandable that the AHF wants to educate and provide support to those who have HIV/AIDS…

..However, trying to pass half-truths, laws that are impossible to enforce and unjust to human rights, and make it difficult, if not impossible to shoot a scene, or webcam, is NOT SOLVING ANYTHING.

As most of you know, the LA City Council have a “Condom-Required” Ordinance in place in the city, and recently, have made revisions to this bullshit law.

The Law says that ALL performers must use condoms in every scene, and now, webcam performers MUST have permits in order for them to webcam in their OWN HOMES. The City Council has also left it to “AHF Volunteers” to enforce this bullshit law.

There is an article that details all of this crap on paper, and you should read it before you go any further:

I can’t believe this bullshit…yet there it is, clear as day. I am all about Adult Performers being safe when it comes to sex, but this is too fucking much. The Adult Entertainment Industry already takes care of this, and it’s done a VERY GOOD job in keeping their performers safe. The one quote from that article that REALLY BURNS MY ASS, is this:

Indeed, it isn’t even about condoms, come to think of it…since the new law now extends the requirement of a permit to include even homemade adult webcamming — and remember, the new Cal-OSHA regs could potentially require “barrier protection” (read, dental dams and gloves) for girl-girl and even solo scenes) as a means of “protection” — that means that ANYONE who does an adult webcam in the city of LA is now liable to be required to apply for a permit, or face stiff fines and even jail time.

This is no longer about keeping anyone safe – this is just a flat out attack on the Industry, AND to make a cheap buck in the process!

This Law was passed by people and organizations who just LOTHE the industry, and would be more than happy to see it crash and burn (Or at least run it out of town). And to take their prudish bullshit out on Webcammers?!

say it with me:


As I stated in the start of the blog, Webcammers in LA are now required to have a permit, may have to use “Barrier Protection” (WHAT?!), and if they don’t they could be fined or even put in JAIL. What kind of Donkey Shit is this?! So you are telling me, that, for example: if a woman who lives alone, and may want to fingerbang and maybe use a sex toy on herself has to have a Permit and use protection, JUST because the LA City Council, AHF, Weinstein-Lubben and assholes have nothing else better to do with their lives, and can’t figure out how else to make money?

Fucking Sick, Sad and R-E-TARDED.

It’s all about the money now. Scratch that, it’s ALWAYS been about the money – they are just showing their true colors about the whole damn thing. I get that California is hard up for cash, I get that there are people who hate the porn industry, but that doesn’t give them or anyone the right to take advantage of the hard-working performers and the Studios they work for, and non-industry people who want to have some naughty online fun in the privacy of their own home.

What’s next for the AHF – forcing people who are sexual active to use condoms at all times? Prohibiting people from watching porn without some kind of a permission slip? Making it legal to have dirty thoughts, EVER? And another thing, how is outsourcing  the enforcement of this shitty ass law to “AHF Volunteers” gonna work? A Bunch of Prudish assholes are just gonna go around and peer into windows, with cell phones ready in hand, waiting to narc the second they see a exposed vagina about to be penetrated by a sex toy, or a throbbing cock?

What if its just an ordinary couple who just want to fuck, and feel like recording themselves in the moment? I don’t know who would be pissed off more: The Cops for getting this call or the couple who just got cockblocked by some nosy motherfucker, who has nothing else better to do with his/her time. I know – that scenario may/may not happen, but the fact that it’s a possibility, is a frightening thought, nonetheless.

When will this bullshit end?

All these misconceptions about the industry are going to do more harm than good.

The Adult Entertainment Industry is not some seedy underground, where all the guys are sporting thick moustaches, the women are dumber then a box of rocks and are being Forced against their will to have sex, EVERYONE is doing lines of coke every 3 minutes, getting drunk off their asses, and are loaded with infections and diseases.

The Adult Entertainment industry is a series of For-Profit businesses and production studios, who make their money selling movies and content that feature people having sex on film. They regulate themselves, have their performers TESTED, and treat each other with respect. As with any business or industry, if there is an asshole doing shit they shouldn’t be doing, people will talk about him/her/them, and they will not last very long in their line of work, and that is TRUE no matter what line of work or industry you work in.

The dumbass lawmakers in the LA City Council, the AHF and their “Volunteers”, and every idiot that can’t make an attempt to find a woman’s G-spot without passing a law to do so first, need to stop watching “Boogie Nights”, slap themselves across the face, and pay attention to the cold hard facts.

There are many facts that are being ignored, and too many lies being told, but I think the one fact that they should know is this:

It’s only Porn. It’s just hot sex caught on Camera, and no one is getting hurt. – Chill the fuck out and watch it.

And that’s the motherfucking TRUTH.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the comments on my postt, and thanks to Sean for reposting it over at TRPWL…but here’s where you can find the original post I did over at Blog of Pro-Porn Activism:


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