In Memoriam: The Hall Of Babes @ WordPress

Alright, here it comes. Try not to cry guys, It might make you look like a Pussy in front of the hot ladies. Let’s Begin…

After much thought, I have decided to close the Hall of Babes on Perverted Brain. There are two reasons why I’ve decided to do this:

1. This is a blog that you mainly READ – looking at pics of hot, busty women is fun, but I already have two Blogs for that kind of thing. My Psychic powers tell me that you are about to say:

“But PlayBoyMan, you only have one blog like that.”

Yes, but that is subject to change in the future.

The Main issue I had with the Hall of Babes is that its the only reason anyone is coming to this blog. A Couple of Articles get read every now and then, and some of you DO park on the main page, but the majority of visitors end up at the HoB. As Much as I love that you come to visit my blogs, I want you to READ it.  It’s not like a magazine full of naked women with words wrapped around it, it’s quite the reverse.

Sidenote: If any of you started thinking that’s how “Playboy” Magazine is made, I will find you and kick you ass.

Now, it’s not all bad news – There will still be naked ladies on the blog. Most of my articles have one or two pics of women, and that won’t change a bit. I couldn’t call my blog “Perverted Brain” without them. Let’s move on to the second reason the HoB is getting the heave ho…

2.’s TOS

Don’t get me wrong: It’s great to host a blog on, but I feel that because of WP’s TOS, that the HoB doesn’t live up to it’s real muster. The Hall of Babes is a really nice why of expressing how amazing and wonderful the sexy ladies I follow on Social Networking sites are, but WordPress DOES have issues as to the explicitness on pics I display, and the pics in the HoB are as “PG-13” as I can do, which I feel doesn’t do them justice. There are also other ladies I would’ve liked  to add to the HoB, but the pics I find of them would’ve most likely clashed with WordPress’ TOS.

And hosting my own domain site is something I just don’t have time or resources to deal with right now. So, I’ve come up with a solution…

…Which I will tell you about in my next blog post, after I’ve sorted everything out. While You’re Waiting, please take the time to Vote for Taylor Stevens (@TAYSTEVENS) over at the Miss Freeones Contest. Register at and remember to Vote for Tay.

And so you don’t think I’m a dick, here is a lovely picture for this amazing woman:


Almost makes you forget what you read, didn’t it? PLEASE don’t forget what you just read.


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