Danica Patrick is “Pretty”

Last month (2/16/2012), NASCAR Racer Danica Patrick said that she doesn’t want to be called “Sexy”. Yes it’s true. She said she believes the word “sexy” to describe her in the media has a “negative connotation” to it. Click the link below if you don’t believe me:


See? I told ya.

Personally, Danica is taking this whole “Sexy” thing a tad too seriously. The word that’s not being mentioned, and often times has a “negative connotation” to it is “Advertising”.

Yes. That is the word that’s missing. You see, Advertisers have a certain group that they are doing their best to appease – or sell their items to. This is what they call in the Advertising Business a “Key Demo”.

And what is the key demo that most companies, networks, everyone is trying to buy their stuff, watch their programming and talk about to others?

Men. The Gender of humans with penises.

And as any man will tell you, sex appeal is a very important thing. It can be a powerful weapon in advertising: When used properly, it’s a deal maker – when used recklessly, aggressively and/or needlessly, it’s a deal breaker.

Here is a good example of Sex appeal being used the right way, thus calling it a “Deal maker”:

See? I would soooo buy a burger from Carl’s Jr right now. Believe it or not, the commercial made it’s selling point, while keeping my attention.

What I got from it was the following, and yes, you CAN quote me on this:

Carl’s jr. and Hardee’s has a new Humburger on their menu, called The Southwest Patty Melt. It’s Hot and Spicy, as model Kate Upton playfully, creatively and effectively portrays in the Commercial. I’d like to go out and get one right now, and imagine that sexy Kate Upton is eating one right next to me. 😀

that is how you sell a product to guys. It’s been like this for ages in Advertising. You know the show “Mad Men” on AMC? I’m not really certain, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if someone came up and said that its a docudrama based on a true account of the past.

Another example of how sex appeal sells is the commercials GoDaddy.com makes.

My favorite one is “The Contract”, featuring Danica and Fitness Expert Jillian Michaels. I couldn’t embed it into the blog, so you’ll have to go the GoDaddy website to watch it. I’ll be here when you get back:


Welcome back. Did you like the video? Yes? No? It’s all good either way.

As you can see, the right amount of Sex Appeal can be a great way to sell things and get people interested in watching whatever. Duh.

Now I know you are expecting an example of a “Deal Breaker” – but you won’t get it – I only want to show you the good stuff. 😀

There is a word Danica is failing to mention in all of this, and it might help her to understand all of this: The Word is “Truth”

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it also applies to finding someone sexy. There was one quote from that article you read earlier that I took issue with:

“You don’t say those things or frame it like that for a guy,”

To that, I cry Bullshit. There are TONS of women who call and think guys are sexy – they are just more subtle about it than guys are. They are however, NOT as subtle as you see on TV, and we can thank stereotypes for that. According to this pile of bullshit stereotype, and I’m paraphrasing here:

A woman DOES NOT openly express any sexual attraction to a man, for it might make them look slutty or promiscuous. Hence, if a woman shows the slightest bit of sexual independence, then she must be a slut or a ho, and should generally be treaded as such, Publically and Privately.

That above quote is based on my own personal observations, and believe me, I’ve seen that shit too many times on so many different venues.

In Short: There are women and men out there who are Sexy. It’s not degrading to call or think that someone is sexy at all. It’s our nature as Human Beings to be attracted to people – to hinder or suppress that feeling is impossible or any of us, and we shouldn’t take offense to being called “sexy”.

However, If Danica Patrick doesn’t want to be called “Sexy” and finds it degrading, I understand. I won’t call her sexy…I’ll say she is pretty. Yeah, that works – Danica Patrick is Pretty.

You know, she said she didn’t want to be “Called” sexy, but didn’t say I couldn’t post pics of her being…well you know, THAT WAY:





Ah, Yes.

Danica Patrick is very, very, VERY “Pretty” Indeed…And I think most of you will agree with me.


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