PlayBoyMan’s Response to the pulled “Fear Factor “ episode

Yesterday, I was so looking forward to watching contestants on Fear Factor, drinking Donkey Semen and Urine.

Sadly, due to “Massive Protesting” from viewers, the show has pulled from the schedule, and most likely will never be seen on TV.

Most people thought that watching anyone drinking the Semen of an animal was “Pornographic”, and could be called “Animal Porn. Here is my question to this:

Are you all fucking stupid ?!

For serious, a woman drinking a cup of Donkey Semen or urine, IS NOT PORNOGRAPHIC IN ANY WAY. That’s not porn at all – there is nothing sexual about that. The two women who were asked if they thought the stunt was “Animal Porn” said and I quote:

"There’s a large difference … no sexual acts involved."

You can watch the video on that here on I’ll wait:

Welcome back. See?

They were drinking the semen and urine from a GLASS, not straight from the donkey’s cock!

There seems to be come confusion about how the semen is collected from the donkey. If I had to guess, I think most of you are thinking of “Mr Hands” – that guy who died from a Perforated Colon, after a horse rammed its dick up his ass, all the way to the base. Yes, I heard about, and saw that clip. Poor dumb bastard…and yes, that is bestiality, but that is NOT how they got semen out of a Horse let alone Donkey.

Here is a video of how Donkey Semen is extracted – I assure you that it is NOT pornographic in ANY WAY:

There. Now you know how semen is extracted from a Donkey. It’s the same way for Horses too. Are you fucked up in the head? Are you freaking the fuck out? Did you see ANY HUMAN ASS get penetrated by Donkey Penis? Did you see any woman giving the Donkey a BJ?

If you answered “No” to all of the above, congrats, you have a brain and you love using it. Yay!

There was zero need or reason to pull the episode – people watch stupid shit all the time, but If you don’t want to see something, no matter what it may be, just change the fucking channel. Are we that lazy as a nation that we don’t understand that if we don’t want to watch something on TV that might offend us, we should change to something that won’t?

There isn’t anything wrong with complaining about things you don’t like, but there IS something wrong when you do it for all the wrong reasons, or worse, NO VAILD reason whatsoever. Saying, and I’m paraphrasing here: “I want you to pull this show because I’m too lazy to tell myself not to watch it because it offends me a great deal”, is not a valid reason to complain or protest. If it offends you, DON’T LOOK AT IT!! Treat it like the opening of the Ark of the Covenant in that scene from “Raiders of the lost Ark”:


OK, that’s not the clip I wanted to post – The one I wanted to use was 4+ minutes long, and I want you guys to READ, not watch Videos clips all day. For those of you who didn’t see that movie (And that’s a small amount of people btw), The two people tied to the pole had a choice: Look at what happens after the ark is opened, or look away. They choose to look away, and it paid off: They didn’t get pwn’d like everyone else who looked inside the ark. It’s not exactly the same thing, but the point is there: No one is forcing you watch anything you don’t want to watch. The choice is yours.

You are not being forced to watch TV, and it would be stupid to think so. Not everyone is going to love the things you love, so don’t worry about it.

Not everyone is going to watch the shows you like to watch either, and just because someone, anyone, dislikes something, does not mean you have to dislike it as well, nor should anyone be forced into liking/disliking something either.

We are NOT Kids anymore – We are adults. We can watch whatever the fuck we want to watch on TV, and if someone doesn’t like what we are watching, they can get the fuck out of the room, and watch something else on another TV.

NBC and Comcast didn’t need to pull that episode of “Fear Factor”. Hell, I’m pretty sure that the Number of people who WANTED to watch it was way higher than those who opposed it. I so wanted to see it – I was all setup for it. I had Popcorn and Soda. I unplug the phone. I even turned off my cell…Something I SELDOM do.

I am not mad at NBC and Comcast or anyone associated with the show. They did what they thought was best. They could’ve ignored the naysayers and let that episode air.

Who I’m pissed off at the morons who complained and REALLY didn’t know what the fuck they were talking about.

In closing:

A woman sucking on a Donkey’s cock till it comes and she swallows the semen = Bestiality Porn

A Woman drinking Donkey Semen in a glass on national television = Not Bestiality Porn…It’s just Reality TV.

End of Response.

Now that the reading is over, I’ll reward you all with that clip from “Raiders” I was talking about – It would be rude not to show it, and it’s the best part of the movie.

Fucking Sweet.


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