“I am Jack’s Collateral Damage”

I was gonna keep quiet about this, but I can’t. I NEED to say this, no matter what the backlash (If any) I might get for doing so.

As we all know, Megaupload was shutdown not very long ago. It’s founders arrested and under constant surveillance. I was able to accept this for a time, until I recently heard that this Thursday, the US Government will destroy all content on the Seized Megaupload servers.

This blog post is not about Piracy. It’s not about the blow dealt to piracy by the seizure of Megaupload and it’s servers. It’s about something that is in greater Jeopardy than Protecting Intellectual Properties.

This blog post is about the one thing that is suffering through all this:

The Right to be creative.

This was a country that supported freedom, the right to a fair trial, the right to due process and settling disputes in a court of law.

Now, we are more than willing to buy Politicians votes, let corrupt corporations continue to be corrupt, and do so at the expense of the common man, woman and child, and pass judgment not in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a concept i don’t hear anymore. We are so quick to judge people and ourselves that we don’t even give anyone a chance to explain themselves. Instead of trying to find common ground and understanding, we are more likely to smash, pummel and overwhelm into oblivion.

You think I may have gone off track with this, but I’m still on the rails.

Nowadays, we expect the worst in people: EVERYONE is committing a crime. EVERYONE is doing bad things, and EVERYONE is up to no good at all.

This is not true in any aspect. There are tons of people who do good in the world. I being one of them.

There are people in this world who just want to do nothing but create something wonderful and innovative for the masses, and to share it freely – whether they make money doing so is irrelevant …

…and yet  we, the ones who just want to create, who act and operate legitimately, are being overlooked and getting hurt left and right. Creativity is suffering badly, to all these crazy concepts and ideas. SOPA and PIPA we’re shelved not because they were wrong, but because the politicians in favor of it just wanted to be re-elected another term or two, so they turned a blind eye to it. If this wasn’t an election year, I’m sure they would’ve got passed and enforced quickly.

We are so wanting and willing to control everything that exists on the internet and in the world, that we are willing to violate, bully and compromise our own believes to do so.

I do not care if you are in favor of Megaupload getting axed or not. I do not care if you never used that site. I don’t care if you never heard of it – the shutdown of it should not have happened at all.

Creativity has been dealt a very powerful blow – and you can’t put any kind of spin on that. It is what it is.

I am creative. I made something that I’ve been working on for months. I made it with my own two hands and my brain. It is made in my own design… and its about to be destroyed on Thursday. In closing, I bring you back to the title of this blog entry:

“I am Jack’s Collateral Damage”

And I, like many others around the world, are hurting badly.


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