Know what you are getting into…

Hello everyone.

Last Saturday (1/21), I got quite the stern talking to over some tweets I made on a certain subject. It was pretty harsh, and it resulted in my apologizing to this individual, and deleting the tweets in question.

Out of genuine respect for all involved, I will not tell you what the topic was about, Nor will I tell you who it was I pissed off.

It doesn’t really matter anymore, and this blog post isn’t about that at all. This isn’t a bash, nor is it an attack on anyone – this is just a simple reminder of what you’re getting into when you follow me on Twitter.

If you read my short Bio, the first thing you’ll see is that I’m for adults, and that I’m NSFW.

NSFW means the content of my tweets are not for those who think like you or share your common interests, or they DO share them, but they aren’t so open about them like you are. Examples are people like your boss, your Mom and Dad or a priest.

The things I tweet about are as follows:

  1. Boobies
  2. Women with big boobies
  3. Political Views (I’m a Progressive, Liberal Democrat, btw)
  4. Morons and the crap they do
  5. Things I read and see (I read a LOT and have seen many things)
  6. Funny shit
  7. Personal things about myself
  8. Tips and ideas for men and women
  9. Porn
  10. To People I like and follow
    Now, in that list of things I tweet, most will come to enjoy and RT my tweets – however, there is an off-chance that I might tweet something that you may not like or agree with. And on that moment, you might want to weigh-in, ask a question, or possibly rant.
    Either way, no matter what your response, I will respect it and accept it. I may even reply. But no matter how you react, I want you to remember two things: 1. I’ll let you have your say, and 2. Let me have mine.
    I take this seriously, because where I live, I’m surrounded my Morons, Bullshitters, Shitkickers, Crazy whores (No, I’m NOT joking on that), and people who love to pee in public (and NO they aren’t homeless), who would be more than happy to tell me to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, then give me a chance to explain why I said what I said. I’ve been chewed out before. It’s not uncommon for me – it comes with being who I am and what I stand for.
    In that quagmire of crap, however, are a certain few people who I can talk to briefly, mainly because they have jobs to get to and lives to live. And even if I can talk to them, there will still be a few I have to censor myself to, because they don’t completely get my style.

And those I can’t talk to are very one-sided on a TON of topics, and are more than happy to tell me I’m either Wrong, stupid, or I just don’t know what I’m talking about, no matter how much I’ve learned or studied about it. I’ve NEVER seen or viewed the world as having one side, for I know that they is ALWAYS more than one side to everything in this world: Stories, events, people,etc.

There is always two sides to everything – I’ve never stopped believing that, and I’m not about to start now. That’s the reason I joined Twitter in the first place – to speak my mind freely, and be open. I know and understand that I can’t escape Criticism, rants and raves and negativity – and I don’t intend to. You’re gonna get some sour to go with the sweet, that is just how life is for everyone, and I get that no social platform can escape that.

All I want is to have my say.

Lastly, if I ever do say something you don’t like, or if you can’t hang with my vibe anymore, you are more than welcome to click that little button marked “Unfollow”. I won’t get mad or pissy if you do, that’s not my style  – but I will be sad to see you go. I follow a lot of amazing people in the Twitterverse.

And if you ever leave and later decide to come back and follow me, your more than welcome to do so. I’ll be here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go and deal with my personal issues. They still need my attention.

Thank you for reading this. Onward we move…Laters 😀

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