“Lying” on my back to @TAYSTEVENS

Yes. That is a play on words.

And no, I did not lie to, with, or on her. Let me explain…


In early October 2011, I tweeted about my lower back. I had said that I had injured my back while trying out Yoga.

That, my peeps, was a lie. A stupid, and as I later found out, somewhat common lie.

I will now tell you what really happened.


Picture it: October 2011 – I forget the actual day, but it was in the afternoon, 1-2pm

Location: My Basement

I was on my Computer, sorting all my files, and had just started sorting out the pictures. I was making good progress sorting them by boob size, Image Size, Quality and in alphabetical order (Yes, I am quite meticulous when it comes to my files, and it’s easier to catalog them this way).

After about 20 minutes, yes, 20 minutes – I finally came to the last folder, proudly labeled “Taylor Stevens”; The Cornerstone of my collection my sexy pics. ^_^

As I was sorting them out, I came across this one picture of the busty vixen that sent my mind and my heart racing:


I don’t know what it is about her – but seeing her in red of Pink just turns me on…Time to break out the tissues and lotion.

So there I was, in the basement, rubbing one out to this picture of the busty bombshell. I was getting closing to busting a nut when I noticed a mild twanging feeling in my lower back – it was somewhat annoying, but I didn’t think much of it.

And then…Just as I’m about to climax…

That mild twanging feeling, turns into a sharp, stabbing pain that I can feel run down my left buttock and all down the length of my left leg. The pain was so sudden it sent me reeling back into my chair, causing it to tip backwards to the floor! YIKES!

Split-second thinking caused me to lurch forward and grab the seat of the chair, thus avoiding cracking my head open on the hard concrete floor, but at the cost of having more pain shoot thru me.

I was thankful to have avoided a head injury, but I was both amazed and embarrassed as to what I noticed next.

As I tried to move around with my bad back, I’d noticed that my right hand was wet – I came. Despite having severe back pain, it wasn’t enough to stop me from cumming, which was all over my workstation. I Didn’t even notice I had Come.

The Monitor, Keyboard and mouse got peppered with jizz. Thank goodness for spare parts.

So, there I was: couldn’t walk right due to the bad back, Popped 2 Pain relievers, and did my best to clean up my man gravy.

After cleaning up, I spent the next two weeks lying on my back.

I tweeted about my injury, and kept the details to myself, and Taylor Stevens. Yes, I sent her a DM about it, and by chance, a week after that she actually tweeted that same pic.

Good and Naughty minds really DO think alike.

“Um PlayBoyMan, why are you telling us this?”

Because now when I look back on it, it’s fucking funny as hell. I’m lol’ing over it now, and I want you to lol with me.


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