Making Changes…

No, This isn’t that blog about Herman Cain trying to rape me, that’ll come later next week.

This is about some minor changes I’ll be making to my WordPress and Tumblr blogs, and some projects I’ve begun.

First off, I need to make some minor changes to the Hall of Babes section on this blog, so for the time being, It’ll be unavailable for a few days. I’m not getting rid of it, I just need to make some adjustments to it.

Second, I’ve added a CC License to my blog. My Blog posts are under this license now. Enjoy.

Third, I’ve started a paper over at ! This one I was very happy about – I didn’t think It would turn out so great. The Content for the paper is comprised of 8 users and 2 hashtags:

Here is the list:

  1. @PlayBoyMan – Duh, It is my paper
  3. xBIZ
  4. @Cracked
  5. @Xcritic
  6. @HuffingtonPost
  7. @TMZ
  8. @TheFeed
  9. #FF
  10. #TittyTuesday

This list might change in the future, but for right now it works. The Paper will be Published Daily at 12pm EST (GMT –05:00), and it’s called “Le papier de PlayBoyMan” – that’s French for “The Paper of PlayBoyMan” – Thank you Google Translate.

And lastly, I’ll be changing and possibly renaming my Tumblr Blog. Not sure how to change it just yet, but it will be changed nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy the changes I’m gonna make soon, and I hope you enjoy the Paper I’ve started.

I’m looking forward to any and all suggestions you might have. Feel free to state your suggestions to


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