I’m leaving Formspring.me

Late Saturday Night, I DM’d some of my twitter followers a link to a question I answered on Formspring.me.

Everything seemed fine for a bit, until I got a DM from one of my followers (Won’t say who, btw), telling me that the link installed Yahoo Toolbar on their machine.

Not. Fucking. Cool.

I tweet like a mofo, and I check all my links to make sure that they are perfect and sound so you don’t have to worry about getting anything you don’t need on your PC – Viruses, Malware, Toolbars of any kind, Spam and Shit on Canvas.

One link of this kind is too many in my book, and there is NO strike two on this issue.

Therefore, as of 3am EDT today, I gave Formspring.me the door out of my digital life.  I thought it was hip, but not anymore. It’s also enjoying that nice cup of “Get The Fuck Out” too.

And just so we are 100% clear, I’m still gonna be on Twitter, Facebook, My WordPress Blog Perverted Brain, Twitpic, Yfrog, Sexypeek, and my tumblr blog (you can ask me questions there).

Thank you everyone for understanding this. I pride myself on giving you all the awesomeness that is PlayBoyMan. I don’t give or accept any less, and neither should any of you.

To everyone who had any issues with the formspring.me accounts – I am sorry. Never meant or expected that to happen one bit. Hope we’re still cool.


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