A Rant to Prudes and their Disdain towards the Adult Entertainment Industry

**Note: This rant is addressed ONLY to the Prudes. This rant is in no way directed to those of you who are not Prudish. Thanks For reading.**


Dear Prudes,

For as long as I can remember, I have heard you stick-up-you-ass people voice and bitch about how much you don’t like The Adult Entertainment Industry and the Performers therein.

“They are Nasty”, “They have no morals”, “They are going to hell for their sins!” (Heard that a LOT in the late-1990’s), “They don’t take showers”, —

and the most recent one, which is the reason for this little rant: “Serves them right to get HIV!”

That last statement pissed me the fuck off. As you may have heard, the Industry has brought production to a halt until it can confirm that a Performer has tested Positive for HIV, and that every performer has been cleared for the virus.

And I’m pretty sure that you are loving that, aren’t you, you prudish fuck?

I understand that there are people just like you out in the world who don’t watch or like porn, but to wish or be happy that someone has contracted HIV/AIDS ? That’s just fucking wrong as hell. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Its a very serious Disease that can change one’s life forever – its not something to be wished upon anyone at anytime.

Also, I want to point out that to force the industry to using Condoms is just a bad idea. The Same goes for Calling for the Federal Government to regulate the industry. Most of you dumb fucks will, and have argued that doing this will make it for the better for the performers, but I see it as a step backward – I feel that it will force many in the biz to go underground, and that is REALLY dangerous.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that Porn Stars are NOT Filthy or Nasty – they just fuck that way, and they can to that with and without Condoms.

Jealous? Yeah, you might be…But I digress.

By the way Morons, They are so not the only people in the world who engage in Hot Wild Sex – People all over the world are having sex right now as you read this. It could be a man and a woman, two girls, two guys, a Threesome (use your imagination), or even a fucking orgy – everyone gets their fuck on, everyone except you the prudish asshole who thinks he knows every fucking thing.

And because everyone gets their fuck on, there is a chance that they might contract an STD, get someone Pregnant, or sadly get HIV – Its NOT JUST limited to the adult entertainment Industry, and the odds of contracting a disease or Pregnancy are just the same off camera as they are on camera.

And yes, I am aware that there is a ton of research that shows that using a Condom can greatly lower the chances of contracting and STD, HIV and Pregnancy, and yes, I DO feel that all performers should use condoms at all times and hope that they do in the near future – I’ll give you dumb motherfuckers that…

But what I don’t agree with is that there are prudish lawmakers and voters that want to FORCE performers to use condoms, and punish them if they don’t. That is not fair to any of them. Next thing you know you’ll be telling them how to fuck and what positions they can and can’t do JUST because you don’t like those positions. “Don’t do it doggy style, that’s so sexist” or “Not in the butt – I don’t think she likes that, because I don’t like that and I know better.”

When the fuck does it end with your dumbass bullshitting ?!

Also, I have learned not to trust your Prudish Politicians and your follow Prudes who preach being in favor for anything, especially moral standards – I’ll bet you 50 bucks that maybe you and/or your Prudish Douchebag Friends out there are SAYING that performers should use condoms, and they themselves are having unprotected sex. I’m so fucking sure of it.

Do me and the rest of the world a huge favor – shut the fuck up, and let the the people of Adult Entertainment Industry do its own thing.

Now get the fuck off my blog – I don’t need you prudish ass crowding my style.


PS.: Almost forgot – to the Guy who said “Serves them right to get HIV!” – I really enjoyed cussing your dumbass out in public like that. If we ever meet again, feel free to say something else stupid.

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