J. Lo and Mark Anthony’s Split (A Theory)

As we have all heard, Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez have ended their marriage after 7 years and 2 kids.

What we Haven’t heard is the reason WHY they split.

To answer this (And to get a few laughs), let’s talk a little bit about the cast of characters:

Let’s start of with Mark Anthony:


OK, that was a little mean. Let’s try that again – here is a pic of Mark Anthony:


Sorry, sorry – I shouldn’t be doing that. HERE is a pic of Mark Anthony:


There, that’s better…I think. Damn, either I suck ass at finding pics, or Google just isn’t helping me out right now. Anyways,  Mark Anthony is a Singer/Actor/Producer – he has been married once before J. Lo, and is skinny as fuck. That might explain the first two Pics.

As I just mentioned, Mark was married before, but the marriage fell apart when it was discovered that he was cheating…Allegedly.

After meeting Jennifer, he got smaller and smaller and started losing weight. It was claimed that it was because of stress and being busy with work. If the Work was tapping Jennifer’s Round Butt every chance I got, I guess I’d burn a shitload of calories too. 😀

Speaking of Booty, let’s take a look at Jennifer Lopez:




Jennifer Lopez pictures (28)


Nuff Said. Let’s move on to that Theory of mine…

“But PlayBoyMan, why did you just show pics of J. Lo, and no bio?”

If you are one of the few idiots who just thought of that question: please stop reading and go back to using Yahoo, be cause you CLEARLY don’t know me or this blog all that well.

For those who didn’t ask/think that question, thank you and keep reading.

Now here is my theory – According to what I’ve heard, Mark wore the pants in the marriage – He’d call the shots and Jennifer would obey (it wasn’t abusive, just old-fashioned).

And for 7 years, it looks like it worked out fine for the two of them…that is until American Idol.

If I may draw your attention to the following Youtube Video:


As you can see from the clip, Jennifer Lopez shook her sweet ass for 10 solid seconds. That ass shake, I believe was the turning point on the whole marriage. You see, I think that Mark, for a time, was certain that he had tamed that wild ass of hers over the last 7 years, but clearly – she proved him wrong.

And instead of trying to tame it all over again, he called it quits.

Clearly, all that sex took his toll on him, and he realized he just couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s a sad state of affairs – but at least some good came out of it – 2 kids and the fact that he can live his life knowing that he but his hands on J. Lo’s Round Firm Booty for 7 consecutive years.

Sounds like a win to me.

For the record, I’m pretty sure my theory is bullshit – but it was a clever way to talk and show pics of Jennifer Lopez’s hot body.

Also, Big ups to WordPress. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to use a video clip on a WordPress blog. Nicely done.


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