Things I did with My Twitter Account

Hello all.


Not long ago, I decided to take a look at the list of twitter followers I have – only to discover that some followers look rather….how do I put this…Fucking Fake as hell.

The users in question don’t have a profile pic, have LESS than 100 followers, and use a fake username that looks like someone just pressed random keys, for example: “wsertws serts” – NOT COOL.

So after a few moments, I decided to, just for a little bit Protect my tweets, just to see what it’s all about. I gotta tell you, I liked it. It was nice to have to approve accounts before hand instead of relying on a service to do it for me.

Sadly, as with all things, there was a catch to this. For those of you who have never Protected your tweets, bear in mind the only people who follow you will read and see them in their timeline. This wasn’t a problem at first, until I realized that only my followers would enjoy my BoobQuakes.

Yeah again, not a bad thing, but it makes it sound all privileged and shit. Boobs should be shared by everyone and be for everyone.

“PlayBoyMan, why are you worrying about this”, you ask ?

For three reasons: the first one is my family – some of my family members are on twitter, and they’re is a small (yet possible) chance they might try to follow me. I’ve blocked them, but they could still see my tweets on the web.

They also don’t know about the…um…raunchiness of most of tweets, or any of the blogs I keep, and I’m 100% certain they would disapprove highly (some people just don’t get me, ya know ?).

The second reason is kids.

No no no, I don’t have any children, but they’re are youngsters who DO go online, and I’m pretty sure that some of them have parents who just don’t watch what their kids are looking at online. Not that I feel they would sure me, I just don’t feel right knowing that young ones might be looking at what I’m posting online.

As many of you already know, I’m here for the grown-ups.

And as I mentioned before, the third reason is the fucking fake accounts. The third reason isn’t as bad or worrisome as the first two, but it’s fucking annoying.

So there is my dilemma – should I just leave things as is, or start protecting my tweets?

Should I make my BoobQuakes open to all, or exclusive to my followers?

Should I have Fish or Chicken for dinner? Wait, my mind is wondering…

What I’m I to do??


UPDATE: I tested working with my tweets protected, only to learn from @Gentle_Canuck  (Thanks btw) that protected tweets CANNOT be retweeted. Also, having to deal with a TON of Follow Requests on my own was a fucking nightmare. I’m leaving my account public, and I’m just gonna make another account that my family can follow. End of the Headache, End of the Story, and the start of another day.

2 thoughts on “Things I did with My Twitter Account

  1. jubalrahl says:

    I say keep it private so you don’t have to worry about fake accounts or your family. Though for your family I would suggest making another account for them. Though normally it’d be you have your main account then create another one that you can be more open about yourself. In your case you have enough followers, I’m not sure if you’d want to delete it and create 2 new ones and separate family and those that want the raunchy side of you. Too much bloody work. So I say keep it private and make another family account.

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