Look at Naked Women, you Mormon !!!!

not long ago someone suggested that I post a picture of a bubbled pic to post for the blog. It was a “bubbled” pic. I replied to this email – I’m not sure what the reply was word for word, but I think it was along the lines of “Go fuck yourself, and stop wasting my time”.

Here is a link from Gizmodo which details the concept:


For those of you who are too lazy to click a link, here is a quote from the article:

A young Mormon, forbidden from looking at porn, discovers a way to Photoshop safe-for-work bikini shots in such a way to let his mind fill in the blanks. It’s not porn if it’s in your brain.

The Urban Dictionary gives a more technical approach to the concept:

A photo editing technique which uses clever positioning of transparent circles in an opaque color layer to trick the mind into thinking a person in a photo is naked when they really aren’t.

Now that you have read all that, I’m sure you are thinking the same thing I am:




^^ Like that picture ? I just found it on Google Image search. Gotta love the internet. And again for those you didn’t click the link above, here is a Before and After pic of Bubbling:







You see the problems I have with this right? Right? No? Ok, I’ll explain – Better yet, I’ll show you why I have a problem with this.


Let’s go back to that quote from the Gizmodo link, this time, I’ll highlight the problems in red:

A young Mormon, forbidden from looking at porn, discovers a way to Photoshop safe-for-work bikini shots in such a way to let his mind fill in the blanks. It’s not porn if it’s in your brain.

Let’s rant about Religion, shall we?

Now for the record, I will not bash anyone for what ever religion they choose to practice – Christianity, Mormon, Hinduism, Catholicism, or even if you are an Atheist. Your Life, your mind and your business what you believe.

What I take issue with is when a religion takes away what I like to call a “Right to be human” – and that is what I feel is happening here.

He may be young, but sooner or later he IS gonna see a woman naked. And you know what? there is nothing pornographic about have a pic of a naked woman on your computer, phone, wall, etc.

I’m also not too keen on the word “Forbidden” – I don’t think anyone should have the right (or the balls) to forbid anyone from doing what makes them happy.

“I forbid you from getting a boner while watching American Pie” – yeah right.

Let’s prove this ideal wrong, shall we. I’m gonna do all you Mormons and  Religiously Repressed and big favor. I want you all to take a look at the following picture:


That is a pic of Retired Nude Model, Jana Defi. NO NO NO – Don’t look away from it, don’t turn away from the monitor, don’t go somewhere else. LOOK.

Look at her eyes, her hair, her arms and legs, and size and swell of her breasts. There is nothing wrong with this image, and is certainly NOT pornographic. This is a wonderful image of a wonderful model.

Forgive me for waxing poetic, but I have to say this: The most beautiful thing in the world is the Female Body – All shapes, sizes. If I could take a million sunsets and form them into one, It would be that of the Female Body.

To be told that watching Porn or looking at pics of nude women is wrong, immoral or a sin is stupid. As long as the Images and/or Videos you are viewing involve people over the are of 18 (Yourself included), It’s all good.

The same goes for all the ladies – there is nothing wrong with looking at naked men or women. whatever floats your boat is 100% fine with me, and is completely normal.

Finally, you are NOT gonna go to hell for looking at such things.– You’ll either go back to what you were doing before hand, or you’ll just fall asleep afterwards.

I can prove this right now. Here is another pic:


That is a pic of Webcam Model Taylor Stevens. Beautiful, isn’t she?

Now, take a quick look around and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Has the ground opened up beneath your feet?
  2. Do you smell Brimstone?
  3. Are Demons surrounding you from all sides, pulling you into that fiery pit I mentioned?
  4. Do you feel hot?
    If you said no to the first 3 questions – then I have proven my point.
    If you said “Yes” to the last one, that’s normal – it means you are turned on.

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