Bras are Bullshit!

This blog entry is dedicated to @TAYSTEVENS, @ESSENCE44F, @WendyFour and @CasssidyMorgan – you are all amazing ladies, and thanks for the help.


For those of you wondering how they helped, just keep reading – you’ll love it.


Not long ago, I saw an informercial that was advertising a product called a “Genie Bra” – it supposedly “the best bra you’ll ever have”.

And I’m calling BULLSHIT.

I think that Bra makers and lingerie designers are bullshitting women, of all shapes and cup sizes. Victoria’s Secret, Playtex, Hanes, etc – ALL of them are screwing the pooch, which in this case is the wallet, credit and debit cards of the women who just want a bra that she can enjoy wearing.

There are all kinds of Bras out there – Sexy Bras, Bras that offer support, Bras that lift and separate, Bras that make you look bigger – the list goes on and on and on and on. Why isn’t there a bra that can truly do it all?

Another issue I have about Bras: They never have sizes for everyone. The Average Cup size has INCREASED over the years, yet not all bra makers and lingerie boutiques can/have accommodated EVERYONE. Some shops have bras that can go up to DDD but not E, some have bras as small as A-cup all the way up to E, but not F, G and up. Why say you have a wide range of bra sizes and yet you don’t?!

THAT is false advertising – and you KNOW how I feel about False Advertising…And if you don’t, no worries, I’ll blog about that later.

Also, why don’t bras have all the features you need? If you want a bra that can support you, that’s good, but it won’t look pretty. If you want a sexy bra, that’s fine too, but it won’t support the girls at all. And Bras with “Underwire”?


How hard is it to have a bra that looks as sexy as a woman wants it to be, gives her support she needs AND is in her size? I’m asking for real here!!

I don’t think that a woman has to go to a online specialty store every time to buy a bra in her size – breasts are breasts. There really isn’t anything complicated about them. They are round, soft, come in all sizes and colors, and lingerie and bra designers should accommodate them. It would be great to see a HH-Cup woman walk into a local women’s boutique/lingerie store, knowing that they have what she is looking for in her size.

Now to be clear: I have no beef with Online lingerie shops – I think it’s great that they sell and accommodate to bustier women. The only thing I have issue with is the fact that they don’t expand on the business. Yes you are online, now open up a shop or two, see how that works out for you. I’m pretty sure that the number of busty women out there is much bigger than you think.

There are soooo many women I can think of who have trouble finding what they are looking for in Women’s boutiques. There are so many busty women who are suffering needlessly over this dilemma. A few fine examples:

Taylor Stevens (@TAYSTEVENS)


This is how Taylor enjoyed the 4th of July recently – I ask you: how can she enjoy playing with sparklers or eating a slice of apple pie if she can’t hold them? I feel so sorry for her.

And here we have Essence LaRue (@Essence44f):


She is a webcam performer who can’t really text chat with her viewers too often: she is busy trying to support her breasts! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to type with one hand and hold something with another? Um, I’m not talking about me, but I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about.

And here is Wendy Fiore (@WendyFour):


A wonderful glamour model who has been featured in, the Sports By Brooks website (1st place I saw her, btw) and has her own website, Even though she is a professional glamour model and enjoys the modeling scene, surely she must get upset over the fact that, on occasion, she can’t find lingerie that can support her breasts and sometimes has to resort to outfits like these. Poor thing.


Finally, here is Cassidy Morgan (@casssidymorgan):


Cute as a button, and probably sheds a tear when she can’t find a bra in her size at the local boutique. SMH.

These are just a few of the millions of women who suffer like this. I mean look at them – these beautiful, sexy, busty and amazing women, having to resort to using their hands to support their breasts, all because the local boutiques can’t or refuse to carry lingerie and bras in their size.

Yes, they are smiling and look happy in those pictures, but deep down, they are hurting inside. Is this what we have become as a society? If a woman has bigger breasts, she must be condemned to ordering her bras online? What’s the meaning of this? What have we, the human race become?!

For Goodness sake – Won’t someone think of the Large-breasted busty babes?!

OK OK OK…I know none of these ladies are resorting to hand bras – I’m totally messing around. But you gotta admit, this was a great way to state my point AND show you pics of busty babes with big boobies. Win win.

If I may take a moment: I know I said it before, but I want to again say Thank You to @TAYSTEVENS, @ESSENCE44F, @WendyFour and @CasssidyMorgan for their help – I asked if they could send me some Hand Bra/ Lingerie Pics I could use for this post, and as you can see, they did not disappoint. Follow them on Twitter and sign up to their websites – it’s all good.

Back on point: In my honest opinion, I don’t believe that it costs that much money to make a bra in a E, F, G, H-cup. Most things made in any country usually don’t. The materials to make an single HDMI Cable cost only 6 bucks, yet they sell for 30-40, up to 120 bucks, depending on the Brand.

Nearly everything made in the world costs a hell of a lot less to make, and gets a MAJOR price tag in the end – that’s called retail, and it’s legal…

…But your wallet shouldn’t be raked over the coals over a undergarment that should do MORE than just Support a woman’s breasts.

Ladies, If and When I hear of a Lingerie Store/Bra Designer that makes Bras that:

  1. Offers support and comfort
  2. Sells online AND in retail stores
  3. Truly offers a REAL RANGE of Cup Sizes and…
  4. Makes your breasts look Fucking AMAZING in any outfit
    Rest assured, I will so give you all a heads up. Until Then…
    Bras are Bullshit!
    Laters…oh wait – to clear up a few little things:

@TAYSTEVENS Can support her boobs and enjoy sparklers. What a Talented woman she is.




@ESSENCE44F has MASSIVE boobies!



@WendyFour looks good in Lingerie



…And yes, @CasssidyMorgan – that is a Great place for that dildo.

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