Why NO ONE supported Charlie Sheen from minute one

Yes – it’s sad and confusing, but its true.

And what’s worse, most of his loyal followers STILL aren’t supporting him. Now if you’re one of the followers in question, and you’re managed to find this lovely blog, AND read what you think is an insult to your intellect – relax.

You’re not doing it on purpose, and there is no one to blame. At least I don’t think there is anyone to blame.

Let me try to end this confusion.

Here is a pic of Charlie Sheen:



So not to piss off anyone, I’m gonna try to find good pics of Charlie Sheen to use. Yes that’s not a very good one, but I’m doing my best here – I don’t Google for dudes (Duh), and the pics of him now scare the fuck out of me. :S

Now as everyone knows, Charlie Sheen is Everyone’s favorite Bad Ass. He drinks, loves to party, WAS hooked on drugs, and can’t commit to toast, even when he tries his best to do so.

If I may veer off-topic for a sec: Is it really true that Charlie Sheen could finish an entire kilo of coke?! I’m asking for real here! How the fuck is he still alive and NOT a vegetable ?! Did Bobby Brown teach him how to do that shit ?!

Ahem…Sorry about that – that just what I’ve heard….but you can’t help but wonder…

Where was I? Oh right –

Anyway, most of you only THINK that you are/have been supporting Sheen, but instead, you’ve been supporting this guy:



I know right?! You super confused now, aren’t you? I think it’s about time I clear things up. Brace yourself, your mind might get a little blown over this revelation:

You have been Cheering for Charlie Harper, the character Charlie Sheen used to play on “Two and a half Men”

It sounds like you need to take a moment to absorb this. Go ahead. It’ll also give you a chance to clean up the bits of your brains off your keyboard…

…All done? Excellent. Let’s continue.

You see, Charlie Sheen and Charlie Harper are pretty much the same person – both love to drink, both love porn stars and sex – both of them have the “Don’t give a rat’s ass” kind of attitude and can be quite the charmer at times.

The only way they differ is when it comes to marriage, drug use, and acting like a fucking whack job, Charlie Sheen takes the gold – and puts it in his mouth as crowns and fillings.

Sorry – I had to say that. It would have bothered me not to.

No one was expecting a man who had all kinds of problems and personal issues to address, and no one wanted to waste all their time and money on someone like that; remember the “Violent Torpedo of truth” tour? People spent 70+ bucks to watch Sheen talk out of his ass for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I’ve never seen so many people pissed off in an enclosed space like that since Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley cup finals. Sorry Vancouver, but it had to be said.

The one thing that tour of his had going for it was Bree Olsen – She is one of many of my favorite porn stars, so that was something.

I’m not sure about any of you, but I did NOT to to see Charlie’s Show when it was here in Columbus Ohio. Also, I was surprised that there were no riots afterwards. I guess there was no beer being served that night. Hehehehe.

what makes this whole thing even sadder is that his so-called “Friends” aren’t helping him like they say they are – they’re helping themselves. This DJ guy that he is supposedly friends with is a prime example of taking afdvantage of someone. The guy doesn’t give a damn about sheen at all – Charlie Sheen is a guy who may or may not be having some kind of a breakdown . And instead if saying something along the the lines of:

Charlie, you know you are a good friend. Have been for a long time, but I think there is something not quite right with you. You are not making a lot of sense right now, and I think you might need help.

which would have been fantastic, the DJ just let Sheen keep talking out of his butt while he was on the DJ’s radio show. What was up in that broadcast studio? The shows Ratings, DJ Douchebag’s Paycheck and the number of sponsors for the show, that’s what’s up.

What’s that you say – “What about sheen’s goddesses?”– Were they part of the fame whoring? Well, maybe the others were, but I’m excluding Bree Olson from all of it. I don’t really think that she was trying to grab people’s attention. I think that for a time, she really liked Sheen, probably still does to a point. And she doesn’t need to hang around Charlie Sheen to grab our attention – She’s a excellent Pornstar, she automatically has our full attention. Here’s proof:



…see? Our Full attention. Um…..hello? You wanna get back to reading the rest of this ? Good.

Now thankfully, their ARE people who genuinely give a rats ass about Charlie Sheen  – his dad Martin Sheen, his brother Emilio Estevez, and I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say the beautiful Denise Richards. They truly give a damn about Sheen, and, as usual of every person with major problems, Charlie ignored them all.

And if you are one of the many people who was enchanted about the Sheen/Harper fiasco, don’t beat yourself up over it. These kind of things happen. Hell, even I was caught up in it for a time. Just be glad you realized what’s going on before you got blindsided big time…And to those who wasted their money on the “Violent Torpedo of truth” shows – I feel you. I know like to waste my hard-earned cash on any kind of crap.

Now, after all the hoopla, the crazy talk, the burning of all the bridges he has built over the years in Hollywood – what is he now?

Charlie Sheen is someone we’ll hear about when he’s finally hit rock bottom. I am reminded of a scene from the show “Seinfeld “, which involved George and Jerry talking about someone – I forget who, but I DO remember the lines they said in that scene. there lines really resonate pretty strongly with so many celebs who have fallen from grace, Charlie Sheen being a strong example:

George: You know, sometimes you can’t help these people till they hit rock bottom.

Jerry: And by then you’ve lost interest.

Only time will tell if Sheen will bounce back from this.

There I go getting all heavy again. I’m not ending this post on that note. Have another pic of Bree Olsen – yeah, that’ll work:



And Also, I know I said it before, but I need to know:

Is it really true that Charlie Sheen could finish an entire kilo of coke?! I’m asking for real here! How the fuck is he still alive and NOT a vegetable ?! Did Bobby Brown teach him how to do that shit ?!


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