Palin vs. Paylin

Scenario: it’s 2016 – The Presidential Elections are underway, and they’re are two ladies running for Office (for the record, Obama won in 2012). 😀

You have two choices:

Sarah Palin



and her opponent: “Serra Paylin”



So, Who would you like to fuck…um… VOTE for (Sorry, my mind wandered) ?


Let’s do a Quick Comparison:

542389855_811a187e7bName: Sarah Palin

February 11, 1964 (age 47)

Sandpoint, Idaho, U.S.


English, Irish and German

Political party

Todd Palin (m. August 29, 1988)

Track (b. 1989)
Bristol (b. 1990)
Willow (b. 1994)
Piper (b. 2001)
Trig (b. 2008)

Wasilla, Alaska






Name: “Serra Paylin”


May 9

Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Zina Sunshine,  Leesa

1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)

110 lb (50 kg)


Eye color

Hair color


Adult Film Star

Websites:, Twitter (@TheRealLisaAnn), Featured on,,,

…and tons of movies!!


Have you finished drooling over that pic of Lisa Ann? No? Ok, I can wait…keep drooling, but be careful not to get your Keyboard wet…


All Done? Good…I was starting to worry. Let’s move on…


Now seriously, If Lisa Ann and Sarah Palin actually DID run for Office, it’s pretty obvious that Sarah Palin would win.

“But PlayBoyMan, WHY would you think Sarah Palin would win if you don’t like…"

Relax, silly – I’m just Fucking around with ya. Lisa Ann would win in a fucking heartbeat. She’d be the hottest President EVER. EVER.

I mean just think about it, If she was President of the U.S., nearly EVERY country would give us some mad respect – they would stop bitching at us just to avoid pissing her off (Its against the rules of the Man Law to piss off a Beautiful Woman [Section 2, part 7, Article 3] ).

If she ever ran (Not saying that she should, as being President of any country looks like a  crazy hard job to do), she’d get the majority of votes.

Remember, this is just a Scenario – After all, I DID say Obama won the 2012 Elections at the start of this post.

Now you are probably asking the Following Questions:

“Why is PlayBoyMan posting this?!”

"What is the Point of this blog post?”

“What the fuck?!”

No worries, there is a valid reason WHY I’m posting this: I’m Adding Lisa Ann to the Hall of Babes. She is one of my favorite Adult Film Stars, and I wanted to do something Special – That and I couldn’t decide on which pic to use, so there ya go.

Congrats to Lisa Ann on making it to the Hall of Babes.

Thanks to Wikipedia, for having all the info I needed to finish this post.

And for your Viewing Pleasure, here is a bigger version of that pic of the Buxom Bombshell from the AVN (Above):


And for those of you who think the REAL Sarah Palin is hot, I did manage to find a Photoshopped pic of her:



And no Worries, I did find a great pic of Lisa Ann for the Hall of Babes. You can Thank Google Image Search for all the images.


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