“If you want it come and get it !”

How I will never forget that sentence…

The Following is based on actual events. No Bullshit. It’s short, but you’ll enjoy it.

On November 13, 2010, while I was out and about working on various tasks, enjoying a good walk (it was an Indian Summer day ๐Ÿ˜€ ), etc, I came across a woman who kept yelling “Hey!”ย  at me like 3 times from the street I’d just finished crossing.

At first, I thought she was talking to someone else, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see that see was looking at me, so I looked back.

She was about my height, wearing tight pink (yes, pink) sweatpants, and had quite a big butt. Too big for my tastes…Also, she had the smallest, saddest tits…. I’m talking “The Notebook” Sad. I think she was in her mid to late 40’s.

Anyway, she turned around, shook her butt in my direction and yelled, “If you want it, come and get it !” – I was taken off guard by this, and my instincts screamed at me to keep on walking…. Thankfully, she didn’t try to cross the street and give chase after me, and when I was sure she couldn’t see me anymore, I ran.

What was scary about the whole thing was not that she did that, but the fact that I’d have to head back that way to get home. Seeing her again is NOT something I wanted. :S

Lucky for me, on the way back, I didn’t see her again – and haven’t since that day. ๐Ÿ˜€

Yeah. I know what you’re thinking – “PlayBoyMan, a woman was offering to have sex with you.” But you are super wrong: From my point of view, that was not an offer for sex – that was someone with serious issues who needs to either see a doctor or stop taking the drugs they’re on.

I want a SANE woman who enjoys sex, and acts like a Wild Whore in the Bedroom – I DO NOT WANT a crazy woman (Anyone remember “Fatal Attraction” ?) who may have an STD or two.

That’s way too many trips to the free clinic AND a Judge IMHO.

Also, I don’t care how easy it is or isn’t to get some pussy, there is an art to seducing and getting a man aroused.

Yelling your ass off, and looking angry while shaking your butt in public is so NOT how you get the attention you want from a man, especially from me….

Now, if you were to walk up to me and casually whisper something kinky into my ear, now were talking….


One thought on ““If you want it come and get it !”

  1. totally right choice, buddy! from how you’ve described that chick, i never would have considered her “offer” for even a second either!!

    you’re exactly right, it’s the casual signs they give you that turn us on! well, and she should have the right body too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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