After reading @TAYSTEVENS blog entries about 100 Facts about her, I was inspired to do the same. I didn’t think I’d make it, but I did. So, here they are  – all 100 Facts. Take a break every now and then – don’t want you hurting your eyes, ok ?

Let’s get started:

1. I’m a Black Man – and proud of it. 😀

2. I LOVE Technology – I’m a technowhore

3. I am a Gamer – Always have been always will me

4. I’m not afraid to speak my mind

5. My Family has no idea I’m on Facebook

6. My Family has no idea I post Pics of nude women – and they really don’t need to know. 😀

7. I buy my Music and Porn, and I rent/buy movies.

8. I can’t make Jiffy Pop Popcorn. Even following the instructions doesn’t work

9. I’m a Democrat. Card Carrying and proud of it.

10. I love Women.

11. I have a fetish for Large Breasts – I embrace my fetish. It’s a part of who I am, and I’m not ashamed of it.

12. I LOVE Movies! I have quite a large selection – and no, they are not all Tongue-in-cheek

13. I read and brought my First Playboy Magazine in November 2000. Joanie Laurer was on the cover and the playmate was Buffy


14. I used to be on MySpace. It sucked ass.

15. I used to run a blog called “Big Breasted Babes” on Blogger. It was too wordy, and was difficult to come up with stuff to

say, so I shitcanned it.

16. I also ran a blog called “Random Paradox” – it was like “Perverted Brain” – Super Lite version. Also shitcanned.

17. I’ve owned 6 used computers in the last 15 years

18. My mom caught me masturbating when I was 16, to a copy of “Lowrider” magazine. At least it wasn’t “Glamour” 😀

19. I’m a Good Cook – seriously, I gots the skills

20. I’m Pro Choice – a woman’s body is her own business.

21. I used to sleep in pajamas – I kept sweating, now…

22. I sleep in the nude

23. For one day, I freeballed (that means I wore no underwear). Didn’t like it.

24. One time, I saw 2 women do a little nude dancing in front of a bedroom window  – to me. 😀

25. My Father is an Asshole – I’ll leave it at that

26. I’m NOTHING like my Father. 🙂

27. I have an impressive collection of Video games. Most of them are classic – all of them are awesome.

28. I support Gay rights

29. I support Women’s Rights

30. I live women of all colors and sizes. She could be blue with a tail – if she’s nice, I’d still hit. >:D

31. I am a fan and supporter of Taylor Stevens. She’s an Amazing woman.

32. I have an interesting sense of humor

33. My Mother is awesome. No one can tell me otherwise.

34. I have fallen asleep standing up

35. I like/drawn to people who have a good heart

36. I’m cautious about falling in love

37. I don’t believe in Marriage

38. I do believe in “Living in sin”

39. I’m afraid of Spiders

40. I am a reborn Ass Man (Thanks to @cocosworld, @KimKardashian, @GGurls, @ElkeTheStallion, and countless others)

41. I am a total gentleman to the ladies – and a whore in the bedroom.

42. When I was Younger, I used to lie about the small things. Not anymore…

43. I believe in being truthful and loyal as much as possible

44. If you ask for my honest opinion, You’ll get it. No bullshit.

45. I choose to err on the side of being cautious

46. I love to use the work “Fuck”

47. I can fucking use the fucking words “Fuck” and “Fucking” multiple fucking times in any fucking sentence. Fucking Cool,

right ? Fuck Yeah its fucking cool!

48. I love who I am as a person.

49. I respect other people’s beliefs, even if they don’t respect my own.

50. I’m not a religious man, but I am a man nonetheless

51. I have NEVER called a woman the b-word. Not even in a typed sentence.

52. I have no problems calling men bitches, sometimes we are. 🙂

53. I do not/will not believe a man has any right to beat a woman.

54. I don’t believe in “Keeping up with the Joneses” – I move at my own pace

55. I’ve never been jealous of anyone – it’s just a waste of time

56. I have never gone to jail for anything

57. I don’t Drink, Smoke or do Drugs – but I don’t judge those who do

58. I’ve never judged people based on the color of their skin

59. One time, I threw up on a Fire Hydrant – in front of a fire station – which was responding to a fire.

60. I support and respect everyone in the Adult Entertainment Industry – they do great work

61. I never have been, and never will be a prude.

62. Believe it or not, I can setup a VCR (lot of people still don’t know how, and no one uses them anymore)

63. I’m a huge fan of Attack of the Show – Been watching it since the first episode

64. I have never owned anything Mac – but I wouldn’t mind a iPad or iPod Touch

65. I once masturbated in a Church Bathroom – one of the members was attractive, don’t judge me please.

66. I don’t look down on people – it’s just not my style

67. I am an avid Porn Collector. I don’t watch porn everyday, but I do like variety.

68. I don’t believe in picking on the little guy. Fight some your own size.

69. I ran away from a crazy woman who yelled at me to have sex with her. True story.

70. Sometimes I can get a little shy around the ladies. Yeah, it does happen.

71. I’ve never owned a car in my life

72. I walk to all my destinations – it’s good to walk.

73. I’m about 5 foot 7

74. I love to watch anime movies and TV Shows

75. I love all kinds of music except Jazz

76. The Last CD I brought was in 2001 – and it was a Yanni CD.

77. I think Cheetara from the Thundercats is fucking sexy. I’d so hit that.

78. I am NOT a fan of Jersey Shore. Yes I follow @Sn00ki, but it only for her boobs.

79. I Read as much as I can

80. I have always wanted to travel to Japan and Canada

81. One day, I might move to Canada

82. I’m allergic to walnuts

83. I believe in Monogamy – I’m not a cheater, and I never want to be.

84. I know 2 people on Twitter who I chat with that LOVE 420 sessions (Not gonna say who)

85. There was a time I was attracted to only Brunettes – that has changed considerably 😀

86. I have taken apart a washing machine, 2 dryers, a water heater, 3 TVs, A PS2 (4 times), 2 NES Consoles, 2 Gameboys, 3

stereos, half a toilet (yes you read right), An Office Copier (that was fucking fun), 4 printers, a Sega Genesis, a

microwave, and countless Computers. Most of that stuff I fixed and they work like nothing happened.

87. I am a good friend with someone who is in a band. To respect their privacy, I’m not saying who it is.

88. There are about 25 women on Twitter who I think have the potential to be a good girlfriend to me.

89. I am a fan of the Playboy Lifestyle

90. Hugh Hefner is my all-time favorite idol. I have mad respect for the guy.

91. I suck ass at Chess

92. I’m not a good Poker Player, but I’m willing to improve on that.

93. I don’t like Boxing at all

94. Thanks to Taylor Stevens (@TAYSTEVENS), I’m a HUGE MMA Fan.

95. I have a bite mark all on the left side of my tongue. Chewing accident.

96. I think it’s deeply erotic to give a woman Oral Sex.

97. I have read the Kama Sutra – Twice

98. When I was 11, I stole a cookie from a store, along with 35 Mini-Twix bars in one pass. I was only busted for the cookie.

(Yeah, I have a little bad boy in me)

99. I was almost hit by a car when I was 9 – they stopped in time.

100. I FUCKING LOVE POPTARTS !! They are the greatest food ever created by man. If someone wanted to send me a case of Pop Tarts, I’d except it with a big smile across my face.

And a few more to grow on:

101. I love to dance – I’m 60% good at it, but its having fun that counts.

102: I NEVER spam anybody on Twitter.

103: I love Spam – the luncheon meat, that is. 😀

And there you have it. 100 Facts of yours truly. And as a reward for reading them all, here’s a pic for you all to enjoy….you’ve more than earned it:



Thanks for reading.

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