The 6 reasons you love Nicole “Coco” Austin

In April 2010, I did a blog on Nicole “Coco” Austin, the Curvy wife of Actor/Singer Ice-T. It was about why people be hating on Coco. If this is the first time reading my blog, or if you’re one of my readers who just want to read it again, just click the link below. When you are finished, we can continue:

All done ? Good. Did you enjoy it ? Great. Thank you very much. 🙂


Now, one year later, I’d thought we’d focus on why people LOVE Coco so much.


“Her Round Ass!”, you say? Well yeah, but there’s more than that – also, if I just leave it at that, it would be the shortest blog entry I’ve ever done yet. You came here to read, damn it!

OK, all jokes aside, let do this:

For those of you who have no idea who Coco is (which would be very few of you), here is a pic of her for you to enjoy:




Nice, yes? Indeed. Now here is why we like her so much:

1. She keeps it real

Hell to the yeah! This is one of the major reasons we all love Coco, or any woman for that matter – you gotta love the lady who doesn’t try to be something she clearly is not. She is 100% honest about herself, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Speaking of fake….


2. Her Butt is real !

No no, I’m not repeating myself – I’m actually talking about her ass. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before: “Coco’s butt has gotten too many injections”, “I didn’t know you could put breast implants in an ass!”, etc.

Enjoying that nice cup of “Shut the fuck up”, haters ? Awesome. Keep drinking.

Coco’s butt is 100% real – How did she get it? It’s called “Working hard at the gym”. Anyone remember what a Gym is? Yeah she goes to it gives that ass a workout. She does squats,  leg lifts, the whole nine yards. If you want a Ass like Coco’s, you gotta work for it. I believe in you, go for it.


3. Her Husband is Ice-T !

Of all the things that go together in this world, Coco and Ice-T are a great combo – they just compliment each other so well. She’s a fantastic woman and he’s the smoothest, bad-ass motherfucker on the planet. Does it sound like I’m playing favorites? Well tough shit, I like this couple, and they go good together. Deal with it.


4. She loves doing chores in sexy lingerie

If you’ve been a follower of Coco as long as I have, you should know by now that she enjoys cleaning in sexy outfits. It’s true. I’d post a pic for proof, but you’d never finish reading the blog – and I wouldn’t blame you.


5. She’s a business woman

I don’t care how you make your money, and long as you enjoy what you do it’s all good. Coco is one of those ladies who is completely comfortable with her work. She’s done photoshoots, calendars, even has her own jeans line, made specifically for curvy ladies. That is impressive.


And finally, I bring us to the last reason everyone loves Coco…


6. #TittyTuesday and #ThongThursday Pics

It’s true people. Long Before Plixi and yFrog made the scene, Coco would post her pics on Twitpic – and most of the tim, the pics either got removed, and on some occasions, her twitpic account got disabled. She actually runs a website that has all of her TittyTuesday and #ThongThursday pics, just in case they get pulled. Everyone loves them – bloggers, online news sites (Fashion, Entertainment, etc) – Even TMZ and E! News love talking about her pics from time to time… and we don’t blame them.


There are a shitload more reasons as to why you should (and do) love Coco, and all the things she does, but I don’t have that kind of time on my hands – And I might lose my mind trying to name them all.

So I’ll say this: Coco is a amazing woman. She’s the kind of lady you’d be happy to have as a friend, and would enjoy having around.

Keep doing your thing Coco.


If you want, you can follow coco on Twitter @CoCosworld. If you want to buy some of her merchandise, go over to, check out her blog at and you can click the link below to find all the other great sites she has:


And because you read this to it’s end, I’m gonna reward you with another pic of Coco:





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