Shut the Fuck up, Jack Thompson – let me play my Video Game!

For the very few of you who don’t know WHICH Jack Thompson I’m talking about, it’s this one:

Go Ahead and read it, I’ll Wait…..


Welcome Back. Let’s continue.


Ever since I could sit up and hold objects without dropping them, I’ve played video games. No Bullshit….even when I was in the womb, my mother played nothing but video games – being a gamer is hardwired into my DNA.

I can’t fight it – and I like it like that.

But there are people who just don’t like video games at all. Even before Mortal Kombat made it’s appearance, people kept bitching about how video games are rotting children’s brains and slowing down productivity in the workplace (BTW, Thanks Pac-Man !).

Naturally, before MK, we just ignored the naysayers and  kept on playing – and then the “Violent” videos games appeared…and people went bat shit insane. I can still remember the comments: “This game is too violent !” – “Why would ANYONE play this?” – wait a minute….those are the same comments I hear now ! The games chance, but the protesting didn’t – hmmm…

Anyway, ever since MK, Doom, Night Trap (which was offensive only by being a sucky-ass game), etc, people have protested the Violence in video games – and it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the Violence, they also complain about other things: the characteristics of the Female characters in certain games – either they are dressed too sexy or their boobs are too big, and sometimes both.

And if it’s not that its a “fact” that young kids can apparently get their hands on these  “awful” games from their local retailers.

Blah, blah, blah…..



I know it’s been said, but I need to say it to get it off my chest: Video Games are NOT bad for anyone !

All anyone is doing is just moving an object around a screen bushing buttons and a device to make things happen on said screen. HOW is sitting down and bushing buttons a gateway to committing crimes, mainly murder ?

And I also take issue to the “Violence” – it’s not real blood, no one is really dying, no crimes are being committed – What the fuck ? Playing Video games is a 100% VICTIMLESS act/hobby/lifestyle.

I also don’t get why women would have problems with female heroines, real or not. Why is it OK for a woman to be smart, but it’s NOT OK for her to look sexy while being smart? You’re basically saying that Smart Women aren’t sexy or beautiful, and that beautiful women are stupid – and that’s fucking bullshit.

ANYONE, Man or Woman can be smart, and look good too – it’s not written anywhere that you must have one or the other and not both.

And now, I move on to my, the average gamer – and I’d like to address those who say it’s easy for kids to get their hands on video games, and the violence and sex therein…

Short Reply: Shut the fuck up, you crybabies.

Long answer: It’s not the retailers fault at all the young kids are able to get their hands on these games – that fault belongs to the young kids’ Mommy and Daddy, who don’t pay attention to what their kids are doing, and buy them whatever game the kids beg and plead for the most.

Also, for those of you who think video games are way too violent – just fucking stop. Those “Violent” Games are clearly earmarked for mature audiences… And I LOVE playing them – because I’m a Grown Man who loves Blood and Guts,  Foul Language and Strong Sexual Content – I LOVE that shit, and I can’t get enough for it.

Also, when I say “mature audiences”, I mean ANYONE who knows the difference between Right and Wrong, and isn’t fucking nuts.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna get some sleep. When I wake up, I’m gonna play some GTA: San Andreas and blow shit up – I like doing that.

PS.: If you ever run into Jack Thompson on in the world – Just tell him to shut the fuck up, smile, and keep on walking.


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