In Memory SaDiECrAZyBaBe

At 3A.M. this morning, (February 1st, 2011), the twitterverse lost a talented woman -SaDiECrAZyBaBe.


She died from Complications from crohn’s disease. She underwent her 12th Surgery for the disease, but didn’t make it. The last tweet on her twitter page confirms her passing. To all of her friends and family, I send my condolences – I never met her, but I could tell she was a great woman.


I’m gonna take a moment from Twitter for a little bit. I’ll be back, shortly.


One thought on “In Memory SaDiECrAZyBaBe

  1. IEddaddy says:

    I never really new her. I always seen her and admired her on my peephole app. I just got on twitter and I looked her up to find out what happened. Even though we never spoke I knew she was very kind and sweet and seemed like an awesome person to get to know. I’m just regretful I didn’t get to know her better or tell her how much I admired her style.

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