An Open Letter to the Adult Entertainment Industry

Sidenote: I ask that everyone who reads this please tweet the link to this blog entry and post the link on Facebook. I want as many people in the Adult Entertainment industry to read this, as it’s addressed to them. Thanks. :D 


To the Performers, directors, studios, everyone in the Adult Entertainment Industry:

As most of you may already know, I am quite the Connoisseur of Adult Films. I’ve watched and enjoyed my fair share of adult films over the years. I have always had nothing but appreciation for everyone in the business. You’re all doing a great job.

You may also know that I support the use of condoms in the industry, and if you didn’t know that, you do now. No, this is not going to be loaded with facts about HIV/AIDS and STD’s: you wouldn’t be in this business if you didn’t know those facts. I’ll assume that most if not all of you already know that stuff, and I won’t bore you with it.

I’m writing this letter to address two things – The first is the following concept

“Movies that have sex scenes that feature performers who use condoms don’t sell as well as movies that feature performers who don’t use condoms”

I believe that to be bullshit.

I have watched scenes with and without condom use. Either way got the job done. For example, let’s say or of my favorite Male Performers, I’ll say Dale Dabone is wearing a rubber while fucking two busty blondes.

Do you think the first words out of my mouth are gonna be “Eww ! Gross ! He’s using a rubber – I can’t jerk off to this !” ? Balls NO, that’s not gonna be my response !

I’m gonna say “That is one lucky man, I wish I had his good fortune”, and then Grab the Lotion and box of tissues and have at it.

To say that a sex scene is ruined because a condom is in play, is like saying a cake is ruined because is has frosting on it – that shit doesn’t make any sense. It’s an old and outdated idea that just sounds like a really dumb excuse for a reason that doesn’t exist.

The Proof that the concept is bullshit: Wicked Pictures. You know how they roll: they have a “Condoms- Required” policy. Not once have I seen a scene from their movies that didn’t involve the use of a condom. Has that hurt their sales ? Fuck ass NO!

Do you think I won’t get off on that ? If you do, you must be nuts.

The fact that Wicked Pictures even exists PROVES that using Condoms doesn’t hurt the bottom line at all, and to believe that it does is just silly to me. The Adult Industry has changed a great deal over the last 15 years – shouldn’t the ideas of old be left in the past, so we can enjoy the present and embrace the future ?

Sorry if the end of that last paragraph sounded political – I meant to do that so I could talk about the second issue: Politics.

When I heard the phrase “Porn Politics”, I knew that something stupid was going down. There’s no Politics in Porn !  There shouldn’t be any politics for porn. You shouldn’t have to let a state lawmaker tell you to use condoms – that’s a choice everyone in the industry can and should make. And the fact that there are some people who are biased against the industry and everyone who works in it, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a lawmaker started doing things to make the industry either go underground or make it look bad, just to prove their “Point”.

The Point I’m trying to make: If any studio/performer/director/producer, Male or Female, Gay/Straight/Bi chooses to perform using condoms, Go right ahead. There is nothing wrong with being safe, and you shouldn’t have to wait for a politician to tell you to do use a condom or not.

There is nothing wrong with Safe sex…It’s good for you.


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