“I Haz Boobie Blog ?”

Well, yes and no.

I know that most of you have been wondering where the latest boobie pics are that I love to post, but I’ve ran into some problems. Keep Reading…

About 20+ Days ago (As of this posting), I found out ping.fm is having a posting issue via email. I was using this feature to send you all boobie pics on the go from my phone which post to my tumblr blog (PlayBoyMan.tumblr.com), that way I won’t have to rush to my computer to post a pic, or spend all day posting pics from my PC.

I AM a busy man after all.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like Ping.fm will get this fixed anytime soon, so I’m looking for new blogging services and ways to post without violating any TOS’s.

At the moment, I’m looking at WordPress.com and Blogger.com as an alternative place for my blog. If I do choose one of these services, I’m getting rid of my blog on Tumblr – which is gonna suck ass big-time, cuz I really LOVE my tumblr blog. I’d hate to get rid of it.

“But PlayBoyMan, why not just use seesmic or some other app that posts to tumblr ?”

Yeah I did give that a try, but those apps run really slow on my PC, and like I said, I’m not at my PC all day.

So, until I can get something working for me, no boobie pics.

Shhhh, it’s ok – don’t cry, I’ll be posting them sexy pics soon enough. If you also have any suggestions, tweet them to me on twitter @PlayBoyMan


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