“Chelsea Cocktease”

(Note: This one is a little short, but it DOES Contain Pictures, so it’s all balanced out ^_^)

No, It’s not the name of a boat, a car or my Penis, which is named “The Terminator” btw.

It refers to E!’s own Chelsea Handler, host of the Popular “Chelsea Lately” (US). For those of you who don’t know who the hell she is, This pic might remind you:


Granted, it’s not the best pic I have of her, but I’ll do for the moment. As you can see, she has a killer body, and quite the potty mouth. At only 35, she has gone from being a simple comedian to the sexiest Late-night talk show host you should be watching – yes, she comes on the same time as Conan does, but that’s what DVR’s are for.

Now you might be wondering, “Why are you interested in her?”

A Good question – it’s because of the following two reasons:

1. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and

2. She LOVES being spanked !


Yes, I know I’m mainly a boob-lover, but I must admit, I DO like a good ass every once in awhile – especially one that likes to get slapped. >:D

As a matter of fact…yes, I have it: a pic of her getting paddled by a security guard:


See ? Who wouldn’t love her ? Also, she has an excellent choice in Undies – Sometimes plain is the best way to go. >:D Oftentimes, she wonders why black guys like her so much…um, maybe it’s because she’s a sexy woman who likes to speak her mind, and enjoys getting spanked. Duh.

Now, for her mouth…No no, Not in a sexual way – Chelsea is not afraid to speak her mind about anything. No topic is too much for her. If she hates something, she’ll tell you. If she likes something or someone she’ll tell you. And if she has an opinion about ANYTHING, oh you will either laugh your ass off, or be super offended. It’s all good either way.

Also, for someone who can talk back and not give a fuck what anyone thinks of her, she throws back the right drink: Vodka. The good ol’ Firewater. Nice.

There is also one other person that can contribute (if not confirm) her bad sex-ass self, her “little nugget” Chuy. That man can talk some serious shit, but he keeps it real.

My final thought on this: If you don’t like her, fine. But if you want a sexy woman, giving you a boner at 11pm at night, on time, Monday thru Friday on E!, watch Chelsea Lately.


Laters…oh, I almost forgot – I found a better pic of Chelsea:


So, How do like her now ?

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